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This is the second blog post that was submitted to the Queen of the Castle magazine. I have to say I really enjoyed writing the article and pretending to be a tutor.

If you read my previous post, then you know how easy it is to start and complete a sewing project.  I would consider myself an intermediate fashion sewista. I’m learning all the sewing foundations and tricks through sewing blogs. If you need inspiration then you have to hit to spots that offer it. No better way to get the creative juice flowing than daydreaming reading these hypnotic blogs. You can find inspiration just about anywhere – keep an open mind. I love to surf pinterest (My Pinterest), visit designer website, even garden photos and paints charts.
Here is a short list of blogs I follow:
Project 2 is a beautiful dress that I wanted to enter into pattern review red dress competition. This post does not contain step by step instructions. It would be way easier for you to follow the instructions that come with your pattern.
With that said, find a sewing pattern that looks simple or has easy written all over it. Take your time and plan your project. I can’t emphases how important it is. You don’t want to start your project and realize you’re missing something. It can be very irritating, especially if you sew at night like I do.
I have a well stocked sewing room, I rarely plan, I just hoard fabric and patterns. :) But for those who don’t get all you need before.
Tip:- Iron your pattern before you cut and trace every marking even if you think you don’t need it. You might want to read the instructions first as well. This I have found very helpful.
Project Recipe 
Fabric- Joann’s
Size- 14 (ready to wear or vanity sz 8)
Due to my training (marathon) I've dropped to a size 10 and I'm wearing a size 6 ready to wear. My dress was a little big :)
I really like this pattern, however I thought the instructions should have been clearer when it came to attaching the straps. I’ve sewn before so I figured it out, but for new sews it would be a welcome challenge. It fits true to size and I would make this dress again.
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(Photograph: Endless Acres Photography)

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