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The Facts

Fabric: Super Stretchy Knit, from stash

Pattern: Sewing In A Straight Line by Brett Bara

Year: Contemporary

Notions: Thread

Time to complete:  1.5 hours, cutting mostly

First worn: August 2012

Wear again? As a robe

Total price: ~$10.00

This fabric was my first and only online fabric purchase almost a year ago.   I thought it was the prettiest thing.  When it arrived in the mail, I was excited.  When I pulled it out of the package it was bouncy like a yo-yo.  I had not even sewn anything yet  ever in my life and I knew I was not ready to work with that kind of fabric.  I learned a lesson that day-  All fabric is not created equal.  So began my stash.


Since then I have leared a few things and when the Yellow challenge came up I thought I would take a crack at it.  It had to be something simple.  I followed the directions for the "First Times a Charm Cardi" from Brett Bara's book.  The title was fitting for my situation, right?  It was ment to be and it turned out great, I think.


The fabric is thin and slinky and when I put it on I feel like it is ment for the boudoir.  So I am going to add a tie belt to it and wear it as a robe.  When I made the decision that it would not see the light of day, literaly,  I left the hem undone.

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