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Princess Nana - i believe i can fly Dress


See my princess seam just match sew well ...


That's was me, the photo on the wall..

i was cutting fabric and sing the song i love when i was a little gril.

" I was on the river side, met a gril, her lip is red and hair is long, her eyes like the moon.

i weave a crown with roses, put on her head, she was singing and dancing happily like the bird sew freely..."




When I po this dress, my FB friend said why i sew the same pattern.

5 reasons for sewing this are

 1.I Never get bored to have this vintage style...

 2. Someone sew the one pattern for 70 dress....

3. Princess pattern we can track back to 500 years ago

See White Queen, zipper and princess line...the bust line or princess line thats attract Edward.



4. A princess dress price tag is US800.- OMG , i can buy 20 yards of fabric to sew 7 princess dress.

i would rather buy high heel shoes that make me 3 kg less.




5. This summer rose fabric is sew beautiful, i bought 3 yards last Sat, and i use the ready-to-use pattern i will never fail to waste such beautiful fabric.


Giving Princess soul to this fabric..........


The song...old old song

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