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Princess NaNa Dream Come True - ReDo 1979 Vintage sewing book

This 1979 sewing pattern book was found in a 2nd hand bookstore for only 3 usd dollar , later i came home and google other site found it worth 30usd more.


This book was published in 1979, and broad cast on TV~ Wow~ what good old sewing nice.


Wow~ 1979, I was at 3rd grade at 10-years-old little gril, who like to play changing cloth on Paper Doll and dreaming

my Mom's sewing book/magazine..Yes, it is this book. I was dream of dressing like this when i grow up ...

As in those tough days, we only wearing unfiform In or Out School. We wear uniform to school, we wear uniform outing too....


So I fullfill Princess Nana drem after 30+ years it is.. 

what a Nice hand drawing~

What a nice hand drawing pattern, i can understand Sew easily...

See Princess in All color who all Love Sewing..what a nice and peaceful world..

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