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pencil skirt - Play Sharp or play to be a Good Wife


sewing idea for pencil skirt was from "the good wife". Pencil skirt imply woman with power in professional way. She prefer Red one.

Alicia's one hand hold with her best Friend, her husband, the state governor. (she need her husband on her career development)

Alicia's another hand hold with her lover, her Boss, patner of law firm...(she need her boss on her career development too, she use his love to manipulate him. she knew her boss was in love with her, so she can use it to get her way)

I have been "acting" like good wife recently, 

that's happy, leading an honest life no matter what life's like beisde.

i shall use 1/2 yard of flora fabric to sew this lovely apron....

ha..nude with lovely flora apron..

so your man won't cheats~

A kiss isn't just a Kiss.....see New York Times POV on Alicia's KISS.......for me Kiss has two words.

Soul Boned...

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