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Having always been stingy with pattern purchases in earlier time, I think I have turned over a new leaf and gone quite nuts for pattern purchasing.


I'm waiting on two ebay pattern purchases including one bulk purchase which is always a bit exciting because you don't know what will be in there - still, if you get them for a song, why worry.


I also did some browsing at Lincraft on Tuesday (love public holidays!) and got a couple of half-price patterns and now I have just gone and bought a bunch off the Colette website. With the Aussie dollar being as strong as it is, I think it was cheaper to buy them directly and have them shipped here rather than trying to source them locally.


I'm begining to think I must think that I'm made of money!  Still I'm going out for lunch now and I may drop by the local op shop and have a little browse through their quite reasonable supply of patterns.

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