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My unfortunate experience with buying a dressform


I was so excited !  Didn't do my homework , however.

Purchased this dressform, and had to send it back it came broken and without the pipes fitting at all. 

So disappointed.

Sent it back priority mail, packaged lovingly.

The company is now not saying they received it . I purchased it by paying via PayPal.  Now a dispute.  I hate this. I only want my money back.  Many times I've attempted to either confirm that they received it (husband didn't send it with tracking) and I am a little upset.  

I should have asked an experienced sewer if they would share some thoughts on where or what kind of dressform I should have spent my money on, lesson well learned in retrospect.  

Now, if I do have a refund for the dressform, I will buy a new one.  But I'll be ever so happy to have any suggestions on what kind to purchase when you are a born again sewer and one that is on a budget.

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Comment by Debbie on March 31, 2011 at 1:58pm

Hi, there is a discussion about this very thing


Dressmakers Mannequin


good luck!!

Comment by femmeelise on April 1, 2011 at 4:13am


 Hi Debbie !  

Thanks for the good wishes. Where can I find the discussion that is on going ?

It was so nice of you to comment, I appreciate it very much.



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