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     Instead of blogging here on the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle,  I will continue to be posting from here forward on my own domain "home".  You can find me at . Please visit me at this address and I hope you enjoy my "new look" as much as I.

     My new blog is user friendly, more personalized, and organized.  At the top menu page, my creations are now divided out by decades from the 20's to the 70's, with added categories for "Historic" and "Modern", the last of which also includes my aprons.  The left sidebar has all the links to my BurdaStyle page, and my Flickr site, too, as well as a search bar and tag cloud.  All of these features will help you find things better amongst all of my blog posts.  My "About" page now provides a direct way to contact me - and some bragging buttons.

     Thank you for all the views and comments you have given me here at Sew Weekly in the last few years!  Subscribe to my new blog if you like (at the bottom of my pages) and make sure not to miss a single post.

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