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Less fabric to show bust line..ha

  • 1. Lower neckline to show good body shape 
  •     (see bottom photo, i had cut off fabric on the neckline)
  • 2. Four waist dart on front bodices( 20cmx2, 12cmx2), two on the back(20cmx2) ,
  • i love cotton woven fabric, this is made in taiwan. 100nt per yard.
  • 3. Bust dart from the shoulder.


Woven fabric can be Sexy too by using Darts........

within 2 hours sew this dress if lulu did not distrube me on drawing the pattern, chasing and biking my fabric.

nana deisgn draw the dress layout to nana pattern maker, then nana pattern maker do the pattern, then cut the fabric to nana sewist, after nana sewist finish the sewing, have nana customer to try it on. nana sewist follow  nana customer to sew shorter and more fit on the waist line. complain on nana value chain...


However, nana customer told nana designer to follow U shape neckline she watch mistresses Savi dress..

Read more:

i had peaceful Summer Sunday afternoon with my lulu...she is only 3 months old.....


keep walking as i just bought 2 sets of built in Sport bra Tank from Uniqlo ....Be Focus nana...3 kg less!!!


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