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My partner call them smelly mosters LOL - Here is how I make this type of sashets.

1)Make a small pouch by folding the fabric in the middle (right sides together) to make the bottom of my bag, and sewing up the right and left sides. ( I normally use left overs, so any reasonable size you have should work)

2)Then at one of the corners, put your hand inside of the bag in order to flatten it in the opposite direction
3)Now you are looking at the end of your bag and it should look like a triangle. Center your seam between the other 2 sides of the triangle and measure down from the peak the measurement of half the width you want the bottom to be when finished. Not hard math- 1 1/2″ if you want a 3″ wide bottom…it will depend on the size of your bag
4)Using ruler, mark with pencil or chalk a vertical line across your “triangle”. This the line that you sew your seam across.
5)Repeat for the right and left sides of the bag. This is also how you could make ears on hats for kids, but by sewing on the right side of the fabric
6)When you turn the bag inside out it will have 2 square sides.
7) Fill with lavander and sew nice ribons to close it.

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