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Pattern: Built by Wendy (from stash)









Materials: 2 1/2 yards of green corduroy  ($9 a yard)

(2) 7/8 button covers

Interfacing (from stash)

1/4 yard of contrast fabric (from stash)


completion time: 8 hours


Soooooo . . . St. Patrick's Day . . . Chicago . . . Huge DEAL!!!!!  Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day.  There are parades.  They dye the river green.  And . . . there is a ton of music.  It's required!  

I'm lucky . . .  My husband is in a band.  He is the mandolin player for One of the Girls.  They are a BlueIrishFolkgrass band.  Totally awesome, but I'm biased.  The place to go on St. Patrick's Day is Chief O'Neill's.  They owner is a well known pipe player (one of the best in the country) and his bar is named after the best pipe player ever and for compiling all this traditional music.  1800 melodies to be exact .  So why not create something for St. Patrick's Day to celebrate the music!!!  Hence "I'm with the Band" Jacket.  Translation: cause "I'm with the band"  I don't have to pay a cover.  Yes!!!


Now, per usual, I went into this project fulling intending on doing one thing, come home and immediately decide to do another.  That's part of the process right.  I even bought shamrock fabric for the contrast fabric and completely changed my mind.  So I used something from my stash. (Thankfully my stash of patterns and fabric is growing)



For time sake I did not do the front buttons and button holes. But I think I will eventually add those latter because . . . I discovered covered buttons.  I'm in love!  And Ridiculously simple to make and just makes for a nice finish. 


The pattern was really simply to follow and I didn't have to rip out a thing!  Huge victory!  I'm still real slow but I love how it turned out.  In hindsight, I wished I had my wits about me and cut out the under collar with the contrast fabric.  I guess that's for the next jacket.  So, yes I will definitely make this again.  One for each season.  


Happy St. Patrick's Day!






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