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I had already cut this fabric when I read about the buttons challenge at Sew Weekly. I was considering not making this version because I was afraid I would mess up my buttonholes yet again but I soldiered on
I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
I used some denim fabric I bought in downtown LA for two dollars a yard. It had a tag on it from Not Your daughters Jeans. A lot of manufacturers donate their fabric and I have found some really unique designer fabrics down there! But Not Your Daughters Jeans? Ha! My own daughter and I joke about me buying a pair of those. I did buy a pair once and they somehow looked very dorky on me!
It was very hard to do the double stitched seams and I messed up a little. I probably should have used a twin needle for this.
Although I made a muslin there were several fitting issues I had to deal with that I missed in the muslin. My shoulders were a lot more narrow than the pattern and I had to cut some length off the shoulders and reattach the sleeves. I also lengthened the center front princess panel for a larger bust and then I took in the sleeves and the sides a little too.
This is my first jacket!
Even though I went to design school like a million years ago, I was a terrible student and an even worse sewer! We never did learn how to make a coat . We draped a muslin of one but that is all I remember. I spent too much time going out dancing like a lot of young girls.
I used Burda 7994 "The Steffi Coat."
The Steffi coat  is downloadable here on Burdastyle but I used the store bought version of the pattern which has the big lapeled version I made. The downloadable version on Burdastyle only has the straight buttoned up, no color variation.
I bought these buttons at a rummage sale. If you look at my blog header you will see I also used them on the corners!
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