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Flowery vintage western shirt

This is my second attempt at Butterick 5007. There is no date on the pattern so I am presuming late 70s / early 80s.

I couldn't resist adding a couple of new features to this one. I underlined the collar, the collar stand and the under flaps of the pockets in a plain red cotton...

collar cuffs and pockets with red contrast lining

... and I added some bias trim to the curved shirt hem. Mostly because Mr. Ooobop! wanted to preserve the length. It was an obvious solution but I think it makes for a lovely finish too, highlighting the shirt-tails!

bound hem

I am really happy with the fit on this one.

vintage western shirt back

Mr Oobop! got a fair few comments when he turned up at his last gig.

Mr Ooobop playing double bass

The finishing on this shirt – all the topstitching and flat felled seams –  was the time consuming bit. but imagine how long it took me to match that rose on the shoulder?! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge ;-) )

matching up the pattern on the shoulder

Special thanks to George, Tom and Cat of The Redfordsfor the fabulous photography.

Also posted in a little more detail over at ooobop!

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