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I need a place to keep track of the patterns/fabric that are floating around in my sewing room right now. Starting this month I will be going down to four days a week at work, so I am hoping the extra day off will facilitate sewing a garment a week. If that's at all a reality - here is my running list of potential projects:


Plaid Jumper: Have fabric (thrifted) and pattern, but I'm having trouble with fitting the pieces together because something seems severely out of whack. I might push along anyway, but I'll have to spend some time with it this weekend to decide whether it's worth it.


Jacquard Jacket: Have main fabric and pattern which I'm a little daunted by because Burda patterns often contain really strange instructions. But I really want a fall jacket made out of my newly-acquired jacquard.


Green Wool Jacket: Another fall weight jacket - olive green wool thrifted, pattern from Kay Whitt's Sew Serindipity. I think I might do this one before the above Burda pattern because I find Kay's patterns and instructions really easy to follow and I need to build up my confidence for outerwear.


Blue Wool Jacket: I will definitely not be making three jackets in a row - but I do have some lovely thrifted blue wool that I might use for this pattern which I have just ordered.


Pinstripe Dress: Ages ago I bought some cotton (with a little lycra) suiting material on sale and I have enough to do this pattern from Simplicity with the 3/4 length sleeves. 


Long cotton skirt with a lining: I have 2 yards of a quilting-weight cotton that I would like to use for a skirt. Don't have a pattern but as the colours are fall-ish, I would like it to be something to wear into early winter.


Wool/Plaid Cap: This pattern has me very excited because both the cap and cloche are type of hat which suit me well. Hats have become one of my favourite things about the colder months - and they are *so* expensive to buy.... so perhaps now that I have a pattern I can make my own?


Jersey knit shirts: I have always been partial to this style of shirt and now that I have the pattern I am eager to get some jersey and learn to work with knits. These seem like a good basic to start with - and yet stylish at the same time.


Wool Skirt: I have a lot of brown-check wool and I'm thinking that a mid-length wool skirt is in order for the colder months.


Culottes: Do I ever want a pair of these. I have no suitable fabric, but just down the street my local fabric shop has dozens of lightweight suiting fabrics that I would love to play with.


I also have a quilt to finish (this weekend maybe?) and shirting material to attempt shirts for my husband with. Plus Christmas present sewing. It's a lot - but I hope to eke out enough time to add to my fall/winter wardrobe!

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