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Wow, so, this dress, after trying to figure out what the book was saying about sleeve facings, was actually really quick and easy. Good thing Gertie has a video up showing how to get those facings on! I am visual, but I guess I take directions better from video or in person than reading them. That might make my sewing hobby a lot more challenging, eh?  I was reading ahead in the Colette book how to install a lining with a zipper, and it made no sense to me. I will have to figure it out someday. Also, I have made two dresses so far  (I am a newb, if that wasn't totally obvious by now), and have yet to install a zipper. I just sewed up the back and made them pullovers. And it works fine. Who wants to have to zip something up in the back anyway? Ha.     (Excuse my lack of Enter key, which makes this all one LOOOONG paragraph.)  So anyway, this muslin, I did in this wacky quilting cotton that I inherited from my MIL. It is HUGE. I was reading the instructions on how to adjust patterns and such, but after wearing it and looking at it a million times, I think I have to redo the entire bodice in a smaller size. Heck, maybe the whole thing. The waist line is exactly the right size, other than that, I am drowing. SO, I will do my second muslin in the next size down, and then grade out the waist line? What can I say, I am an Apple shaped lady.   Isn't this pattern mixing just fab? This should be a wearable muslin, right?? Haha. Oh, I also sewed the back up the second time to try it on, and realized I put the neck facing the wrong way, so when I put it on, it's like this collar of doom back there. Lessons learned! I actually realized what I want to try next time while I was asleep, so there will be some sleeve adjustments, too.  

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