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Yes, burda style is nana style, i like sew to fit dress. This morning i went to shopping mall, and stop by one bra store,

i told the lady, my cup size is between 34D to 36C. But recently, i lost some fat, and my waist line reduced to 27", she suggest me try 34E...O M G..i never dream i will be E cup ....This is great beneift for losing weight, but not losing my bust weight.....ha.ha


Encouged by this GREAT news, and also today is holiday, also a typhone day, i felt much of energy to sew a sexy dress.


Here is.

this time, i try size 40 from Burda sytle. The bust size is 36"xx, will better fit my size.

See little waste on fabics.



I also spent 10 min serged this one piece of knit fabric into a knit dress. One serge line on the back, two on the shoulder.

That's it. Totalled 3 serging seam made a sexy knit dress.

See my sexy cat LuLu.....

Japanese sewing is not my style anymore, too much fabrics cover too much body...too loose...too dull....

by the way, Yahoo Taiwan close its blog, so i move here


Come here and fun~~


THIS big typhoon" Sky Rabbit " in Chinese. Really a big rabbit.

As yesterday is FULL moon, also Moon Festival. Rabbit is one anmial been punshied by God for working on the Moon 365days/year for sticky rice dessert.


A NASA Terra satellite image obtained September 19, 2013, shows Typhoon Usagi  nearing the Philippines and Taiwan

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Comment by nana sewing on September 24, 2013 at 9:06am

Guess whst, my waist  line reduced to 26” this morning.


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