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Best Sewing Drama Award ...Give to.......

Thank you sew much,

Its my honor to have this best nana drama award,

i would like to thanks to my brother pq1500 sewing machine,

without him, i can not perform any dress...

 From the bottom of my sewing heart, it make me Sew Happy.

I am sew touch to have you visit my blog constantly.

I just sew cloth together follow creativity nana, the wirter,

and sew together by sewist, nana 

Showcased by Nana.



Fashion and Function can match in one Nana DIY pattern....

Nana deserved this award.

1. Sport tank...i like this pink colour, make me looks Pink all day long

2. Long Knit tank: see only 1 serge on the simple

3. Long knit shirt- dress to work..nice.

4. Gold Award Dress:

This gold fabric was a defect one, has weft barre, since it's shining a lot, you can not tell the defect even you got a very good it is very cheap..2 usd for this one.

Yes, no1 to no4 tank or dress all came from this One drawing 

tank pattern, Style book Summer 2013

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