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3 29  is Youth Holiday..i had sewed two dresses today to celebrate my youth on sewing. Sewing keep me young and beauty.


1. Follow Pink Pink Dress pattern.

This pattern is wonderful pattern. 100% right for me as

a. Good wasit line. high wasit line dress looks too young to me

b. the skirt looks silmer to me with many pleats.

c. zipper on the back, a little sew to fit, i am not wearing pregnant dress, ok? My boss kept joking on me say i am wearing pregnant dress to work............




 My sewing skill on the zipper is improving day by day..ha..


2. I tried to sew advanced "Sew to fit" one on pencil skirt.

The sewing work is perfect...but when i try on...oh.i am so fat....




i wish i could have smaller size....M size will be angel to me...

And my cooking pancake skill is improving now.

The trick is to choose the organic egg. Right egg make perfect pancake...

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