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A "Wonderful Whiz-Wrap Skirt" in Wintertime Plaid

     As a warm weather loving gal, I can't think of anything that helps me get through the cold like being covered in a warm and cozy blanket.  This new vintage make of mine is simply a wearable version of that same toasty idea with my bottom half wrapped up in a plush cover.  The year 1956 provides a chic and streamlined style for sporting coat weight wool as a skirt and fighting off the frigid temperatures - my kind of combo!…


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A Little 1950's Bra Top for a Pin-Up Style Summer

     Going out of your own personal comfort zone can be hard without a strong incentive to precipitate making that first move ahead.  I'm not usually alright with small amounts of clothing on myself out in public, so making a vintage bra top was a bit out of my comfort zone but it sounded incredibly fun and different at the same time.  Stephanie at "The Girl with the Star Spangled Heart" blog hosted a…


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My "Gracie Allen" Ensemble - a Casual Yet Classy Blouse and Skirt

     Gracie Allen, wife of George Burns and comedic star of the Burns and Allen Show on radio and TV, is my top style icon for the 50's.  In every TV episode, Gracie always had such a interesting, beautiful, and classy outfits which fit her perfectly and displayed the very best of the 50's styling.  Of course, in my opinion she always wore great fashion styles, no matter what the era.  I would love to see all her fashions in color!  It was therefore only a matter of time before I…


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Putting a Vintage Wiggle into a "New Look"

     I have owned the New Look #6045 pattern since it came out three years ago, and I hav e always adored it, waiting for the right circumstances and fabric to come along.  This past year's Fall season provided me with the time and opportunity to finally whip up my fun and versatile version of the pattern.

     We chose a modern outdoor sculpture in front of…


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A 1961 "Party Dress" - It's "Sheer" Fun!

     Who doesn't love a party, especially when it involves making and wearing a fabulous frock?!  Our son's birthday celebration afforded me a very good reason to whip up a fun, fresh, and unique 1961 pattern labeled as a "party dress".  I used an old original pattern which provided me good practice at re-sizing (as it was for juniors) and an opportunity to work with new techniques by using different material.  The finished product is wonderfully feminine and my unique personal…


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Yikes! Lots of Stripes! My 1957 Cotton Sundress

     Cool, comfy, and amazing day dresses for women of the 50's are as classic as a '57 Chevy - both are still oh so dramatic.  No wonder their popularity never goes out of style.  Who doesn't like a taste of glamor for everyday use?  

     My 1957 striped cotton dress has been long in coming to completion, and now it is such a joy and relief that I finally get to wear a project visualized 6 years ago. (I had kept my sales receipt tucked in with my striped fabric, so I can see a…


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"Betty's Style" Border Print 50's Dress

     My floral border print dress makes me feel a part of the "Mad Men" TV series and Audrey Hepburn era, with all the class and fashion that goes with these connotations.  I am especially proud at how I made the most of what I had with my dress.  Here is a 'frankenpatterned'  creation so as to make the most of a small amount of border print fabric from my stash.  This pattern combo also makes a more manageable design to wear in our modern times while still remaining true to 1957 dresses.  I…


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My "High Standards" 1940's Jumper

     When I think of the word "jumper", my mind automatically wants to picture a dowdy, sack like article of clothing that is obviously outdated.  I'm not sure why this occurrence is the case for me, but I suppose it's easy to get misconceptions stuck in one's head.  So, as I was looking through my patterns for something different to make and wear this winter, a vintage jumper sounded fun along with the knowledge I was taking a risk with my precious fabric.  My standards for a jumper were…


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Orange and Black Goes Retro for Halloween

When I think of Halloween, either costumes or the colors orange and black come to mind. Since I'm the type that rather likes to go historically themed for this holiday, and since we already had something to wear, my Halloween Challenge submission is a retro/vintage Butterick dress which I actually made in August.  I put it together just in time for my Birthday, and, by happenstance, my dress matched perfectly with a scarf (a b-day present from my parents that was "picked out" by our…


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