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I wanted to let you guys know about the theme for the week February 28th since -- if you decide to do it -- will require some extra time for shipping. Colette Patterns is going to be our first sponsor! We are going to be sharing our Spring palettes and we will each be making a dress from the Colette Patterns line. CP was nice enough to create a 15% discount code for Sew Weekly readers: SWSPRING  The code is case sensitive and is good for 15% off your entire order excluding shipping.


I'm sure a number of you already have a Colette Pattern in your stash, but if you don't, this would be a great time to try them out. If you are unable to buy a pattern for some reason but can't resist participating, CP has this free bloomers pattern to download:

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Stevie- not sure if you know there are a few of us that made the same mistake but this was last year's theme... I am still sewing the outfits though lol

Right.  I see **no** themes for ***2012***, yet.  Time to clean my home and get organized, I suspect.

Oi, no, here:

is where they are now.  I think.  2012


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