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Don't know about anyone else but, since I started doing this, lots of other things have gone to pot!  Housework, garden - maybe it'll get easier!  I hope so ... 

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definitely! I really enjoyed seeing it x


have you got an idea for this week yet??????

Sort of - it's not very complicated.  I was going to use the vintage pattern I found and do a 50's style dress but when I studied it, it's one of those 'unprinted pattern' things!  It needs longer than a week to decipher.  So, it's the easy option for me this week! 
OK, I've cut out the fabric for next week's Colette challenge and now I feel guilty. As though I've cheated. Anyone else started yet? (Or finished? Yes, it's you I'm talking to Kat!)
What, you girls are starting to show me up!!!
No! I've just cut out this weeks, albeit an easy project for me this time. I won't have the pictures posted until weekend though. I'm planning on sewing it up tomorrow when I have a day off. Hopefully, I can start this weeks theme tomorrow as well - don't know if I'm coming or going!
I think it's all getting a bit much. I want to join in but I also have my own agenda of creating a waldrobe that I want and will wear. I'm trying to mix the two but feeling that I'm not keeping up with either. boo hoo me, what a moan.

I'm excited to see what you are up to!


By the way I sent you a message Diane, hope you got it ;0)


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