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Don't know about anyone else but, since I started doing this, lots of other things have gone to pot!  Housework, garden - maybe it'll get easier!  I hope so ... 

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Well, you started before me, this is only my third week. I have not yet made anything I am really, really pleased with: I am a bit discouraged tonight, everything is taking ages and I keep messing up so I have given myself the night off. I am really enjoying what everyone else is making though, I have seen some fabulous things - dresses I love, inspiring ideas, I am not ready to give up yet! I have learnt loads already.


Every day I look forward to seeing what everyone else has made!


My ironing pile is ginormous though - I just don't have time. Next week I'm off work so I am planning some foraging for patterns / fabric trips and will be less tired for sewing in the evening.


I too hope things will get easier, I'm sure they will. Happy sewing x


I completely sympathize! When I was solely focused on the challenge the other areas of life went slowly sliding downhill. I didn't mind (although my husband was a little dismayed at my obsession) although I've had to take a step back from the sewing machine to pack. Argh! We're moving in a month, and I can no longer put my head in the sand and pretend that all I have to think about is sewing. (But sewing is so much NICER than packing up all one's crap, er, belongings.) I'm hoping to pack my sewing machine last.
Hello both!  Yes, it is inspiring seeing what other people do and it does encourage as well.  I will keep going - it's been a lot of fun as well so far.

well yes, my house has been going to pot a bit too! And I'm only on my second week. Luckily I finished early this week so I can get some other  things done. I plan to throw in an easy project after every challenging one to give myself a break. But I'm loving it!!! And I can't stop sneaking on here to see what everyone else is up to!

My cute as pie husband has said I have a spring back in my step. (instead of being the frazzled wife & mother obviously!) - and he hasn't once mentioned my slipping with the housework... Awwww... that's reason enough to keep going.


I have to laugh at my idea of using up my stash to free up storage space though! where am I planning to put all these clothes! lol.


This has all become very obsessive hasn't it?  I now sit & eat my breakfast while checking what everyone has been up to .... and I probably spend time reading while I should be sewing (or cleaning the bathroom!).


I am going to try and be a little more disciplined next week, and use Sew Weekly as a reward for chores done, wonder how that is going to go??  But I have loved the inspiration that has come my way since following Mena and her blog, and I can't wait for the challenges ahead.


I hate being such a bad influence on you guys! :) I'm already such a bad housekeeper that it doesn't really make  a difference around my house. Don't feel too pressured to keep up every week -- the last thing I want is people getting stressed out about the challenges!


But I'm glad you guys are having fun!

For me things aren't getting behind because of the sewing - on the contrary, it's making me get through my 'things I need to make/fix/etc' pile a lot faster, as I'm incorporating sewing more in my regular daily habits, which is great!  :-)


I am finding I'm spending far more time online, though, seeing what everyone else is doing and saying and all the rest.  Heaps of fun, but it's seriously impacting how clean the house is, and how many weeds are in the garden!  Eek!!!  I'm going to try and limit myself to half an hour of online sewing community type stuff each night, *after* the housework is done, to try and get some balance back......


My boyfriend isn't too happy about all the sewing though, coz I bug him to take the photos for me.  ;-)  It was a bit of a battle ground for the first few weeks, but we've figured it out now - I just have to try and get everything done on Sunday in time for us to drive somewhere interesting in the afternoon for photos, so he gets the fun of driving and seeing different places.  Don't know what's going to happen in winter though, as it'll get dark too early for me to finish the challenge and get photos......  (Mena - any chance of finding out what the challenge is about 3-6 hours earlier?  I don't get it until too late on Saturday to do anything at the moment!  Dratted time differences.  *sigh*)

Taking photos has forced us to get out of the house on Sunday and find something interesting to do. My husband gets annoyed about the pictures -- I usually have him take about 300. :)


Yeah, I'm going to start sending out the newsletter on Thursday evenings -- that should give everyone the full weekend. Here's a hint about next week's theme.


Yay!  Thank you so much!!!  (Thanks on behalf of my beleaguered boyfriend and his camera, too!  ;-)

Thanks for the great pictures [and thanks to hubby too...]


 proud the newsletter will come out on Thursday..Looking

forward to the next  challenge.. and the,

has me REALLY curious.. HA ,HA..

Enjoying the challenges... Really helping me to use my stash,

and meet some  wonderful people.. Again thankyou so much.  judy

that's a lovely idea, a whole weekend to think about it all x x x
you just made my week! Thursday newsletters...yay!


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