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We have all made many outfits now for the SW challenge, what is your favourite?


I would say mine is the Gertie skirt because it crossed so many boxes for me, not  areal pattern, info from another sewer, trims from my envelope, vintage fabric, even good photos.

How about you?

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This is lovely Stevie (nice print too)  but the dress you wore on our meet was really good and my fave so far ;0)
That shape is great.

I think my favourite thing this year is this top (although I haven't worn it yet) ..



or this dress - which I have worn a few times ... (possibly one of the worst photos!)


Oooh yes, I love that dress on you!  :-)
Your dress just seems to be the perfect fit!

I'm with Judy, I liked your dress / headscarf combo best Charlotte, perhaps it was the chicken accessorising ;0)


I do like your Gertie skirt though, I made one but I looked silly in it, you look cute!


For me my greatest achievement was the Horrockses dress for our meet but it caused me such heartache that my actual fave is the black and flowery Crepe dress I made for valentines week, which amazed me completely.


Judy, my fave of yours is the Dorothy blouse, Kat the one that sticks in my mind of yours is the Hungry Caterpillar skirt, Debbie that dress is really nice and a great top too, didn't you also make a sort of flapper dress once? I liked that.

You really done yourself proud on the horroskses dress !


 I so agree  Rachel.. the dress might have been a  headache [sorry for you Charolette].. but oh what wonderful results..


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