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We have all made many outfits now for the SW challenge, what is your favourite?


I would say mine is the Gertie skirt because it crossed so many boxes for me, not  areal pattern, info from another sewer, trims from my envelope, vintage fabric, even good photos.

How about you?

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Its just a great pattern !  for me  behond of been special because one of them were my 1st ever piece of sewing , its the Cynthia Rowley 2512. I use the pattern twice and I got 2 different looks.


 You can read more about here:


 This is my 1st ever skirt - made in end of 2009

Definitely 'Milly, Molly, Mandy' - still No.1 in the Leaderboard!  Working out how to match stripes, customising a dress pattern and finding just the right fabric for it.  I went to work in it today and it was so cool and comfy.
really adorable ! Perfect for summer.
Oh YES... this is so pretty. my favorite too.
Oops - spoke too soon!  Shoved down to 7 on the leaderboard now! 
this skirt really really suits you and is so summery.

great choice Diane, so clever


I think you hold a special love for your first ever item! Both skirts are lovely.
great choices Rachel, that top skirt is great!
 I really love this too, Chrolette. But I guess 'MY FAVORITE"..was the dress you did, with the button tabs on the shoulder, and the cute matching head scarf..Just sooooooooooooo cute..  BUt I love all that you do. I will have to think about what I have done..that I  like the best??????????

I have yet to put a facing in but I have just made a top from McCalls 6056 which is a dress pattern but it made a perfect top!

Its Amy Butler fabric I bought a long time ago! I need to get a better picture of it when its finished!

Love the print and that style really suits you!


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