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i don't know why summer is joyfully swallowing my brain but it's like i can't get a handle on TIME!  every time i try to catch up here & in the blogosphere something new pounds on my door. i miss the community and i miss doing the challenges!


anyway. okay. i'm jumping over here for a second to let you know, if you've been thinking about taking gertie's bombshell dress course but didn't want to shell out 60 bucks, craftsy had me review the course and my blog readers get it for 30 bucks


not like, promoting or anything, it's just y'all have just been so inspiring to me and if anyone would enjoy this awesome course, you talented peeps would!

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Oona, you look hotter than the inside of Mount Vesuvius in that dress! Wow! I will think on it seriously ;0)


Btw I am loving your slot on the main TSW page, really good work, your writing is so funny, I am in stitches every time, thank you.

thankya charlotte!!!  i worry every time that i'm not being funny enough... then i have a sip of vouvray and suddenly i'm typing like mad...
Oona I totally did this and i'm glad I did! I'm exited about making this dress up its going to be the best made dress I've made in a while! Its making me take time over construction which is not something I usually do! Yours was awesome and I can't wait to finish x
isn't the process so cool?! i'm totally with you on the whole time thing, but as you know, gertie makes it so freaking enjoyable i almost forgot i was handstitching. i'm working on another one today :) can't wait to see yours!


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