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Hi everyone,

My name is Elaine and I have been working from home for the last 25 years. I started an embroidery business and it took off. I was the only shop in town, now I am the smallest shop in town. 

I was just doing mostly embroidery, but now I'm doing a lot of mending and alterations. My embroidery business took a big hit when the economy went down. Embroidery is not something everybody needs, its something that they want. So food and gas come way before embroidery. But when I started doing advertising that I did  mending my business really picked up.  

16 years ago we bought a new house not far from where we lived, and the garage was built to be my shop. I had counters and cabinets put in all the way around, and they put  in heat and AC too. This past Thangsgiving, while trying to close my garage door, it  broke and we had to have a new door installled. That was really nice for me, because the new door was insulated and I got a door opener this time. I have never parked a car in the garage, so I never needed one, but a bonus with the opener was the lights on the motor. I've got a lot more light in there now and on nice days, I can open the door. But in the process of getting the door, I had to move everything in my shop 10 feet back from the door to make room for him  to install the door. My shop was packed because my shop is still my  garage too. I have 3 embroidery machines and 5 sewing machines as well as 2 surgers. So I decided to move one embroidery machine and two sewing machines and the surger to my Sun Room. I thought I would do some quilting out there where I have so much light. So now I have two sewing  areas to work in, and my garage shop is a lot cleaner. I needed to get rid of lots of old jackets that I had made for the different racing teams we had sponsored, but then I decided to cut them up and make a quilt out of them. I just couldn't let them go, too many memories.

That's my introduction, I love to sew, embroider, work with silk and real flowers, take pictures of my 14 grandchildren and my garden, quilt, and work in my garden.  That is about all I have time for these days. I found out that I had psoriatic arthritis a few years ago and they put me on a chemptherapy drug that made me loose my interest in sewing for awhile, as well as loose some of my hair and do all kinds of bad things to me. I quit taking it and my hair grew back, and now I'm trying to get back into doing the things I love again. I have  enough fabric to tent my house 3 times at least. So when I saw that this website had Weekly Themed Sew-Alongs, I thought this was just the thing to help me get my love of sewing working again. I hope that you start doing that again, as I noticed that there hasn't been one for 3 or 4 months. I hope that you start that again.

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