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Is there anything you will never sew? 

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A jumpsuit! I have never worked out how you spend a whole day in one. Plus I think it would make me look like an astronaut! Adey - yours looked great but on me? oh dear!
Hmmmm.  That's a hard one.  Can't really say 'never' for most items of clothing, as you never know when you may need them for a costume party!  Could nearly say 'a houseful of curtains', but if it was for my house, and it saved me lots of money, I'd probably put up with the tedium.  So, no, I don't think there is anything!
I cant see myself sewing something like a suit, a man one, cant see how it could ever make it my "fun" list...
I like to think that with confidence you are able to sew anything, but do I want to ? Have spent a life time making house hold things, toys, presents ect ect I have only just come to dressmaking and each sewing project has new challenges. Therefore I would say 'No' there isn't you never know what the futre holds !

I will never sew a wedding dress! I didn't make my own (much to everyone's surprise!) and I'll never make anyone elses. The stress would kill me.

Anything made of plastic or leather. I've tried both and they're really tricky mateials to use.
It's true Never Say Never, now that I have children I have sewn diapers, soft shoes, blankets, curtains, sleep sheet sets for kindy, toy bags, hats, etc - pre-children I never would have thought I would do that.  One thing is for certain though I won't be sewing a wedding dress or formal suit requiring the attention of tailoring stitches - I just don't see the need for either in my life - given I'm married and suiting is something I'm not interested in - but, never say never.
Bras, underwear, swimwear. But maybe the better answer is anything too fussy that would make me unhappy. Maybe someday bras, underwear, and swimwear will no longer be in that category.
I will never sew capris.  I inherited cankles from my father's side and I really hate wearing anything that draws attention to that part of my body.  :)
Well, I don't usually wear pants.  So I can't really see myself ever sewing them.  A dress is easy enough to fix if it doesn't fit right the first time,  but I'm afraid of messing up on a pair of pants. Finding a flattering cut at a shop is hard enough...

Jeans! But never say never.....


Plus, stuff for my husband, he just throws on a t shirt and isn't bothered about clothes so I wouldn't put him in the position of being grateful for something he just isn't interested in!

for myself, sequined hot pants, or shorts - I am not 18 any longer :-) And a jumpsuit - as Jen, another commenter here said, it does make someone look like an austronaut. Although, a shorter version and right accessories would probably suit a younger girl.


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