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What's your most dreaded sewing step?

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I would have to say actually beginning a new project. Because it involves making the correct alterations before cutting out and I'm just learning how to make alterations.  But, I can only get better at that if I practice more often.  Love the website, by the way. 



Interfacing!  Interfacing steps are always painful to me. Plus I don't like having to buy it since I try to use only natural fibers or vintage/thrifted and interfacing is not eco-friendly.
Right now its installing the zipper. There is always something wrong with it and I end up redoing it about 5 times. My favorite part is wearing it though!
Making a muslin!  Oh and button holes!  I hate them!
Having to set up and put away my sewing machine and tools each time I want to sew. I can't wait to have dedicated sewing space someday!
finishing seams and tying off threads. I sort of consider them part of the same step, because I feel I'm already done with the major sewing, but then I have all these little clean up steps keeping me from a finished piece. :(
Cutting out, as the fabric is almost always vintage and, even if I've made a toile, I always fear it's not gonna work out and waste the fabric!  Hemming has to be a close second.
Mmmh, depends on the fabric. If it's slippery: definitely cutting. It's so hard to be precise! I need a rotary cutter, I think... With anything else: fitting. Oh if all patterns just fit right away!
Depends on the project. Zippers are usually awful, as is trying to match/cut plaids, both of which I'm going to attempt on my next dress!
Definitely fitting, and muslin-making.  I have a smaller bust and a larger waist and i can never seen to get something to fit perfectly.


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