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I think lots of people on here sew for a zillion different reasons and I'd love to hear them! 


 For me personally, I sew for myself. .

I sew because I have an image of how I'd like to appear to the world and my clothing is integral to that.

I sew bright colours, because I would like to be seen as a bright happy person. 

I sew because I'm on a student budget and can't afford Lily Pultzer, Kate Spade, Boden or Anthropologie.

I love that feeling when someone compliments you and you say "Thankyou I made it myself."

Plus its a sharing hobby and its bloody good fun!


Why do you sew?

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I sew for the challenge of putting it all together.

I sew because I like to think about the whole process from pattern to fabric (this slows me down when I can't decide, like now).

I sew because everything I try on has issues with it, from size, to style, to fabric quality (the wrong feel to the fabric has killed many a dress)

I sew because I can and am proud of that.


I sew because I love being creative and drive thought challenges.

I sew because I love fabrics and textures and i cannot find what i want.

and its so fun ...

I sew because I like to make stuff.

I sew because I like the challenge of mastering a never-before-tried technique.

I sew because I love the potential of a pattern and the possibilities of material.

I sew because I enjoy the compliments (Getting our praise is what my Dad and I call it).

I sew because I like the idea of giving a gift that no-one else can replicate.

I sew because so much of what is available in the shops is horrible and I don't want to be seen in what ever goes for being  fashionable.

I sew mainly because it's fun!  :-)


It gives me a creative outlet, away from work.


It's my winding-down time at the end of the day.


It means I can mix random combinations that I could never find anywhere else - 1950's dresses with prints of garden vegetables all over them, anyone?!


I can make things that actually fit me!  (The main reason I started sewing, in fact.)  Tall = long arms and legs = often not finding things with sleeves and legs long enough.  (I have been known to overcompensate quite a bit with sleeve lengths and make them super-long, just coz I can.)


I love having things that no one else has.


I like the socially responsible part of it - knowing that something I made wasn't produced in a sweat shop somewhere.


It means I can keep my own style, and not be dictated to by whatever the current trends are that are flooding all the other stores.


It costs a lot less than the top-quality designers, and is better made than the chain stores.


And mainly, coz I can!  :-)

Thats great Kat! I agree with loads of your reasons! I forgot to mention the socially responsible bit. I really like knowing that no one but me has had to suffer from sewing my own clothes.

 I love to sew... It is my main hobby. I not only to sew..but to talk about it. from fabrics to patterns and anyone who will listen.ha

  I sew because  you can make whatever you like..and or not dictated by the now aday dress market.

  I sew because  I LOVE fabrics.

  I sew because  I love the ,"did you make that?'

  I sew because ,no one has the same thing as you.

 I sew for the thrill of getting a garment for  $2-$3 [thrifted]...Fun of the hunt.

   I sew because I love the fabric stash that sits in my sewing room..I can spend hours going through patterns

and fabrics..just waiting for the  next inspiration.

  But I think the main reason I sew is because...I LOVE it...


Have you been finding that you're talking about sewing a lot more since the Sew Weekly community came along?  I never used to have anyone to talk sewing with (a few friends sew, but of the one-thing-a-year-maybe variety), and I never realised how awesome it is to have a group of great girls you can talk sewing with until you guys all came into my life via Mena's blog!  I'm totally loving all the conversations we're all having - it's driving me to more and greater challenges, I'm thinking about designs I never would have thought about before, and taking inspiration from more and more places as a result.  Yay!  :-)

I started to sew because I couldn't find what I wanted to wear in the right style AND colour...


I still sew because I love the "I made this" feeling, I love the uniqueness (that's so not a word) of something self made, and also I hate the majority of clothes in the shops these days, and anything I do like I could probably make anyway.

Kirsty I totally do that too! Walking around shops and mock fainting at the price of things? Uttering the Immortal words... I could make that! Never happens but I could if I wanted! x

I sew because.... even though, it takes up too much room in my little house, it makes me curse and swear at times, it can take silly amounts of time to make something that in the end I'll never wear... when I see the fruits of my labour finished and hanging oh so effortlessly.. it makes me smile and I forget all about what it took to get there.


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