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OK, we've discussed all the pain in the bottom moments we just get through, which bits do look forward to?


I like planning and picking fabric, I like counting down the pieces until I have just one, I like watching it take shape, I like ironing seams and seeing how tidy it looks, I like the satisfaction when the zip is in.... I like having a photo when it is finally done and putting it on here, kind of like the final full stop.


What do you like?

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My absolute favorite moment is tying off the last thread, hemming the last inch or sewing on the last button.  It's just such a satisfying moment.  I love the feeling of having a finished garment in hand and it's awesome. 


Also, getting really into the groove of some repetative decoration.  Like sewing scalloped edges or attaching trim.  :-)

I'm with you Diana on that last moment, how satisfying ;0)

I love trying something mid-way and seeing that it is definitely working.

I love going through my patterns and pattern books and thinking about what to make next.

I love the satisfaction of the neatness of the inside of a garment.

I love the button holes being the right distance apart and the buttons looking right.

I love having the pattern pieces fit on the particular piece of fabric you want use.

I love putting on the finished garment and thinking 'Yes, I'll definitely wear that in public'.

What a good list Jen  - I have a couple of things that didn't meet the last criterion!

I love the planning stages as you obviously know with my countless moodboards! I can't help it! It runs through my brain every minute of everyday.

I love just diving in to my stash and touching the fabrics, staring longingly at the stuff I like the best and pining for the day when I've finished the list to get onto that stuff.

I like it when nice fabric turns into a nice garment I will actually wear, gets named and becomes a friend. 

I must try a moodboard, I've never done one, sounds like fun though.... I didn't get the whole summer palette idea much because I just buy material I like, however I get it now because nothing I have matches! Note to self: moodboard! Thanks Stevie x
Standing in a fabric shop and choosing ... finding just the right stuff for the pattern. Making something I've done before that came out great and trying it out in another fabric ... knowing I've got the only one of it's kind ...
I have only ever made one pattern twice Diane, I will try more of that!
Oh I love this discussion, the happy side of sewing!
• I love dreaming about my next project and all the excitement that happens (in my head-ha!)
• I love when all the pieces are cut out and they look so crisp
• I love ironing a seam flat from the inside then flipping the fabric over and seeing how clean it looks
• I love finishing a seam that looks clean
• I love working on special details and seeing it really adds to the garment
• I love putting the last button on
• and I love trying on the final piece and feeling satisfied, it fits (yay), it's nice and clean on the inside (yay) and it's uniquely mine (double yay)
Cathe both you and Jen have mentioned the inside of the garment, something I hadn't appreciated before. I'll take more care on my next item, I really like the labels you make.
Me too..I am paying alot more attention to the inside.. Love when it looks pretty too.. and need to teach us  how to do the fun and pretty.. [Not putting you on the spot for a tutorial. But Really I am..hahha]

It's a bit of an obsessive behavior but it's also so satisfing.


Thanks, it's fun to make labels!


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