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I was thinking about this earlier and everyone I know has one pattern that is totally tried and tested and is something they make over and over again.

Mine would obviously have to be the Beignet skirt from Colette. I've made it twice and am going to make it a third time! Same goes for Simplicity 2601! Which is almost in its third incarnation! 


So whats yours?

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I have only made 3 patterns more than once, and they are all Colette too! I have made 2 Sorbettos, 2 Crepes  and 2 Gingers. But I still don't think I have found The One. I like all 3 of them, but I have no plans for a third go at any of them....


I have three more Colette patterns that I haven't even made yet, I bought Violet and I just gor Macaron and Parfait for my birthday, maybe it my TNT will turn out to be one of those ;0)

Charolette.. you gotta do violet.. I promise is the BEST!!! Fit is fantastic.. It is easy.. I have done 3 ...and see my self doing more ,in the future. I could wear them comfortable.

Well that has sealed the deal - it was on my FESA pile as a maybe, now it will be a definite! I will put Violet on my "to do" pile x

I never finished my violet but I think I cut it to the wrong size (way to big) and I used boring fabric!


 I think you will like it.. as  Stevie said..It does run a little big..but I find that the colette patterns are  a little bigger than the big 4 pattern companies ..[I say YEA.... makes me feel like all this ole dieting ..might be].. Good luck with your  FESA pile.

I have a hat pattern that I've made about 5 times for myself plus twice as a present.

I made Burda Young Nr 8174 and had two more idea for this pattern, but it's a summer dress and there simply was no summer where I live this year. Maybe next year.

I feel your pain, us Norhern Europe types didn't really need the "perfect summer dress" this year, did we? x
I have a number of TNTs that I keep going back to, but the biggest one would be the Jalie 2908 stretch jeans pattern. I've made it up at least eight times for myself and my kids. Being able to make my own jeans is awesome, and by swapping out fabric and details like pockets and belt-loops I get a different look every time. :)

Vouge 8184.

Im about to make my 5th dress!


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