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Hello I'm Sarah and I'm addicted to Hoarders and sewing. At the same time. I love to stream a TV show on my laptop and sew away! It boggles my husband's mind that I do this, but it's how I roll!


What's your sewing soundtrack? Do you prefer silence or Stone Temple Pilots? Are you a classical gal or love the latest rom com flick on in the background? 


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I'm a definite Rockabilly and Swing soundtrack girl.  Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Imelda May, the big band sound, etc.  I like music with pep when I'm sewing.
I love listening to music--especially something like Esquivel when I sew...though now my computer is not in my sewing room so it's mostly silence but I'm thinking of getting a radio!

OOH! My husband used to be in an Esquivel-inspired band called Clouseaux - we even went to Palm Springs to the Caliente Tropics for a Tiki Fest they played at - love that sound!
I just listened to the band and they are GREAT! How fun!! I absolutely love that kind of music.  It would be so amazing to hear that at a Tiki Fest in Palm Spring!!
I am a dedicated multi-tasker - why do one thing at a time when you can do two? For this reason I always have something else going on when I'm sewing - usually TV or music. I almost never sit and just watch TV - it feels too much like doing nothing. So when I do watch TV I'm cutting pattern pieces, transferring markings, matching darts, ironing seams and hand sewing. I do occasionally watch things on my laptop next to my machine when sewing too! Sometimes I have to watch it twice if the noise of my machine causes me to miss key plot points... If not moving pictures, I love listening to music - usually something upbeat that I can dance* between rooms from my ironing board to my sewing machine (*the word "dance" probably only applies if your definition of "dance" is somewhat akin to a cat recently released from a tumble drier). Definitely music I can "dance" or sing loudly and badly to - it makes me feel better, particularly if I'm not having much sewing success.
I enjoy watching old TV shows from the 50s and 60s on while I'm doing sewing projects inspired from the 40s - 70s. When I'm making a period costume inspired from a period drama movie or TV Show. I like watching what I was inspired from, or an other one that takes place during the same general era. It keeps me inspired to finish my project if I see someone wearing what I want to make.
Currently my soundtrack includes lots of Glee songs (yes, I'm a nerd), some Wailin Jennys, and Black Keys. Sometimes I put Moonstruck on in the living room (I sew in the dining room that has a doorway into the lr) because I have the entire movie practically memorized and it still makes me laugh.
Laugh as you will, I just listened to Dean Martin's Italian love songs! Ummm yummy!

I like to listen to podcasts too.

But I'm all over the board Rolling Stones, Tears for Fears, KD Lang... Prince Little Red Corvette! Maybe Dylan or Ella Fitzgerald, or maybe Elton John...ugh...not all that current but whatever! And yes I sing to my tunes! Belt it out baby!
I set Spotify to random usually. I have a varied taste in music, so it can be anything. When hand-sewing I usually put in a movie in the DVD and then I often watch something relevant to what I'm swing. Costume drama for 18th century clothes and so on. :)
I love watching Hoarders while sewing!  It makes me feel less like a hoarder myself because I can say, "See?  My fabric stash mostly stays in this's still controllable."  I love Netflix - my boyfriend will put in a movie and I will sew away!    Sometimes I do want music, and then we just pop on the iPod or turn on Pandora.  I have to have sound in the background.
YESS! It also makes me clean! I see a mess and my brain goes "Slippery slope, Sarah. It's a slippery slope." and I make myself clean up!


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