The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

One year gone and lots of fun projects each week. How the projects helped you with your sewing skills?

Did it helped you try new techiques? Got you more confidence ?

Time to reflect on this year progress..

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I made my first dress (and my second, third fourth etc), learnt to put in a zip AND an invisible zip (photos tomorrow I hope if I finish in time!), made bias binding, followed several vintage patterns, started a blog, did gathers..... so many many things I learnt, and so many lovely friends met, online and in real life. Good times!


My sewing skills have improved beyond measure. I have had so much pleasure from sewing and sewweekly and all the blogs like yours Rachel and friends met. I'm sure I'll think of something else in a minute.... xxx

wow, what an amazing progress Charlotte.  I been keeping an eye on the goals for next year and looks so exciting.

My Sweet friend Charolette T. .... you have done an amazing  job in your sewing skills this year.. I have just been in awe at your accomplishements.. Alot of accomplishments in one year..  Look so forward to more happy projects in 2012. Merry Christmas.

I started dressmaking in Jan, I made my first dress for a belated new years party. So I have learn SOOO much! I have had a go at zips and sleeves and trousers and pleats.

But my aim this year to to try harder and move away from 'easy' !

One year and you made trousers and sleeves. Hats off to you ! On my 1st year i had to keep asking for help! 

Charolette, You have amazed me at your sewing..  To accomplish pants [ooops trousers,ha] in this short time, is fantastic. I think I sewed for years ,before I was brave enough to attempt a zipper,ha.. Happy sewing for 2012  and I look forward to seeing  more.. Merry Christmas.

I gain confidence to quit a frustrating class where on my 1st year I had only accompanied one skirt and a dress. Went solo.. just books and amazing blog tutorials to give guidance.. 

Rachel..  You are fantastic.. You are pretty as a picture, take amazing photos,  Make beautiful garments,  Your crafts are beautiful and your NICE as you can be  too!!!!! Have so enjoyed your  sewing this year. Merry Christmas.

Oh Judy.. You make me blush with all this wonderful compliments ... Merry christmas ... Xx

 Thankyou Sweet  Rachel for this fantastic topic...

This has been a really exciting , fun sewing year. I have enjoyed Sew weekly 2011 more than I can say.

I have sewed for Me, which has been so fun.,I have made things ,that I normally would never have

done.The challenge got me to use fabrics I had, and to venture out to  fabrics that were just sitting 

there.  I even made piping [thanks Cathe], which I had never done .  I learned about  vintage patterns

and have "semi" learned to fit them,[with lots of improvement needed in 2012].

    I started a blog !!!!!! and girls, for an old woman, this is an accomplishment.ha 

    I have learned so many "word /language" differences between our livng  areas..[Thankyou

to my sweet teacher and friend, Charolette T.].We have had so much fun  in our learning  differences.

Alot of  laughs and [yes...meanness to poor ole Kenny,ha]

      But  I think,  the most wonderful part of Sew weekly has been the fantastic friendships.  I have never

met these wonderful friends in person, but I must say, I feel like , I know them so well..  We have encouraged each other through our successful and not so sucessful sewing ventures. I think we shared some tears, some laughs and  even 'cussed the cat'  with some of them. But ..we care for each other .. And I want to thank each of you for all the encouragement and  friendship.. I look forward to  sew weekly 2012..And would like to thank Mena for  sponsoring this blog for us and allowing this friendship.

    Praying that each of you and your families , have a blessed and Merry Christmas...

Judy, that's wonderful... I feel the same about the amazing friendships I made here...

I've learnt to use bias binding, to improvise when necessary and to 'get-off-my-butt-and' finish things. My seam ripper has been a great friend this year and deadlines have been really handy too.

I now have a greater appreciation of understitching and the advice on a pattern as to the best type of fabric to use for that particular pattern. 

My sewing confidence has improved tremendously and while there is still a world of sewing experience to gain, I have added a lot to my arsenal. I've even taught a friend to make a skirt which she has worn to work a number of times. My skills improve when I teach them to someone else.


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