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 I am getting ready to go on vaccation..I am really excited about this one. My husband had 2 back surgeries last year.. and we had a really bad year.. We didnt know, If he would ever be able to vaccation.. or even continue to walk.. So  the year 2011 has really been a blessing for us. He is so much improved.

   So, even though, I am excited about our vaccation.. I am already missing my sewing buddies at Sew Weekly, and I just dont know, how I will make a whole week without ANY sewing???


    I shared with you all earlier,about my wanting my sewing machine, when I was in the hospital. My husband [bless his heart].. said.."Oh My God..please tell me your not going to bring a sewing machine to the hospital!!!!!!!!"hahaha..

  I was thinking about trying to sneak my machine in the trunk.........I feel quite sure..I might find a hour or or there to sew???????  I just know.. he will have the same response......"Oh no.... we are suppose to be on vaccaion...not  a sewing camp..hahhaha"

   So these thoughts, made me wonder??????????? Where has your sewing machine been???  Has it traveled with you?? Has it stayed home and anxiously awaited your arrival home??   What kind of places has it traveled??

  Happy Sewing and I will miss each of your sweet comments and  pictures next week. Judy

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We have to have our machines.. so important.. ha
my poor machine only goes to sewing club and my best friends house. ( less than a mile )
I don't know about you Rachel, but sewing machines are heavy! I lug my machine to classes all the time …I should some wheels for her!
 Mine too.. [but it sure is wanting to travel with me this time] lolHappy sewing.. Have a good week ..

Hi Judy,

                    I've never taken my sewing machine anywhere. The old one - A Singer Facilita 288 - is much too heavy to lift and put on the table let alone take anywhere else, although it has 'lived' in Thessaloniki ( where I bought it 30 years ago) , the Island of Samos, and now it's home is in Xanthi. My new one - a Brother Innovis 20 - has a special bag to carry it round in, but it hasn't been anywhere yet. I hope you, your husband and your sewing machine enjoy your holidays and will be looking forward to hearing from you again.


Well, we could have camp in Greece then! Ha now that would be fun!
Dream BIG Cathe..  lol

Hey Judy,


  thankyou..   I will miss you all.. Have a fun sewing week.

It's like we are all going through seperation anxiety! Judy, you will be missed! I'll just look forward to your return and hearing about your fun adventures and found treasures!

Have a wonderful vacation Judy!


Thanks Cathe... I miss you this week too.Hope your enjoying your buisness trip/mini vaccation too..
And then my next question would be…does your machine have a name and is it a woman or a man…yes seriously!
Yes.. she 's a girl all the way.. of course sometimes has the temperment of a man.hhahaha. I will have to name her.. [will depend on Jen for this..shes my namer..---Jen.. heres a job for you.. ]/ Happy sewing.. Will miss our talks.. have a good week.


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