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 I am getting ready to go on vaccation..I am really excited about this one. My husband had 2 back surgeries last year.. and we had a really bad year.. We didnt know, If he would ever be able to vaccation.. or even continue to walk.. So  the year 2011 has really been a blessing for us. He is so much improved.

   So, even though, I am excited about our vaccation.. I am already missing my sewing buddies at Sew Weekly, and I just dont know, how I will make a whole week without ANY sewing???


    I shared with you all earlier,about my wanting my sewing machine, when I was in the hospital. My husband [bless his heart].. said.."Oh My God..please tell me your not going to bring a sewing machine to the hospital!!!!!!!!"hahaha..

  I was thinking about trying to sneak my machine in the trunk.........I feel quite sure..I might find a hour or or there to sew???????  I just know.. he will have the same response......"Oh no.... we are suppose to be on vaccaion...not  a sewing camp..hahhaha"

   So these thoughts, made me wonder??????????? Where has your sewing machine been???  Has it traveled with you?? Has it stayed home and anxiously awaited your arrival home??   What kind of places has it traveled??

  Happy Sewing and I will miss each of your sweet comments and  pictures next week. Judy

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(must confess -  I do call my Husqvarna 'The Huskie' and the Janome "The Forth Stooge" because of the 'whoop whoop whoop' noise it makes) :-)
Oh too funny, thay's perfect! Thanks for that Jen, I'm still laughing!
Love it. still laughing.hahhahaha
I have to admit it is a running joke in my family that when I go to my mums house I take my sewing machine on the train. I have also been tempted to take it to Piemakers mums house for the days when were sat not doing much. I literally would take it everywhere if I could! My grandmas even donated an old machine so I don't have to take mine home everytime but its not the same!!!

 Well girls... Hubby won out.. so sewing machine stayed home..  and actually he  was right[ugh... hate to admit that,ha]...there was very little free time  to sew.. But.I did alot of  " thinking  about ideas, making future sewing  plans' and  Really missing all of you and sew weekly..

      Have been enjoying catching up on all the sewing projects..


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