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 I am getting ready to go on vaccation..I am really excited about this one. My husband had 2 back surgeries last year.. and we had a really bad year.. We didnt know, If he would ever be able to vaccation.. or even continue to walk.. So  the year 2011 has really been a blessing for us. He is so much improved.

   So, even though, I am excited about our vaccation.. I am already missing my sewing buddies at Sew Weekly, and I just dont know, how I will make a whole week without ANY sewing???


    I shared with you all earlier,about my wanting my sewing machine, when I was in the hospital. My husband [bless his heart].. said.."Oh My God..please tell me your not going to bring a sewing machine to the hospital!!!!!!!!"hahaha..

  I was thinking about trying to sneak my machine in the trunk.........I feel quite sure..I might find a hour or or there to sew???????  I just know.. he will have the same response......"Oh no.... we are suppose to be on vaccaion...not  a sewing camp..hahhaha"

   So these thoughts, made me wonder??????????? Where has your sewing machine been???  Has it traveled with you?? Has it stayed home and anxiously awaited your arrival home??   What kind of places has it traveled??

  Happy Sewing and I will miss each of your sweet comments and  pictures next week. Judy

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I did take my sewing machine with me up to Bright (in the mountains in Victoria) one year and had a great old sew. I was quilting at the time. Actually, we are heading up there on the Queen's birthday long weekend (and I've grabbed a couple of extra days) so I might take it along too. But only if we drive up. I don't think My Man Andrew would take too kindly to me insisting we load my machine into his tiny two-seater plane.

Hi Jen..

 Nope...we dont want to weight down the air plane.. That might not be a good idea.ha.. Have a great week..Cant wait to get home and see all the challenges for next week.. Happy Sewing.

My girl, I mean sewing machine has stayed home but I admit I kiss her goodbye, put her cover on her and tell her I'll be back soon…humm, I think I might need some therapy, sounds a little crazy, like the old lady with all the cats, but in my case it's the old lady with all the dogs hunched over her sewing machine! And yes, Coops sits in my laps when I sew…true confessions!


I do like the idea of a sewing camp…can we work on that idea and all meet somewhere???

A sewing camp would be lovely......but a bit far for me to travel!

Sounds like lots of fun to me too..

ps ... wonder what sewing confessions we could  make????????????lol

Mine has had a few outtings - it has been interstate, and on a holiday to the beach - so I guess it is reasonably well travelled for a sewing machine.


Depending on the holiday destination, sometimes you have heaps of time to sew - and it is nice to take your time and enjoy it, rather than the crazy rush which I usually do things in.


Judy - I hope you and your husband have a lovely relaxing holiday - with or without the sewing machine!

Thankyou Debbie..Will miss you all. Have fun sewing next week..Cant wait to see what all I miss..

Judy I am so happy to hear you are having a lovely holiday with your man and that he is much better xxx


My sewing machine usually stays at home but I do take it to dressmaking class, and that's alot easier than I thought, I just put it in the back of the car (I call this the boot but I understand you guys call it the trunk, in the back bit anyway) and I have a bag I chuck all the bits in.


However, my in-laws have a caravan (trailer????) at the seaside where we go at the weekend, in fact my ma-in-law jsut rang and mini-me and I are going today and we will meet her there. I can't sew there - even if I took the machine it would be too noisy. I usually take crochet but today I will take embroidery, I am embroidering two little baby quilts for my friend who is expecting twins.


You could: take the machine anyway OR not take the machine and have a break OR take a different craft altogether!


Whatever you do, have a fabulous fabulous time, enjoy yourself and I will look forward to hearing how you get on xxxxx we will miss you xxxxx



 I just love you.. You are a true teacher at heart.. I have learned soooo much from you.. Now.. I know the trunk of the car is a boot.. And a camper trailer is a caravan.. Will love to tell  my grandkids this. They will get a kick out of that..

   I have about decided , I have some covered buttons that I need for a dress., I have  a couple little hand sewing things..I will take these along and 'make hubby happy that the sewing machine is not going as a third

    Will miss you girls lots.. Cant wait to get back and see how next weeks challenge goes... I will just be dying until I see pictures.ha

  happy sewing.

No - its never been away with me, but I have taken sewing books to read and dream about, as well as some handsewing ... so it's always in my mind somewhere ... Also, when I had my break at Easter, I was lost without Sew Weekly! I just kept thinking of different TV characters I could do ... Help!
me too Diane.. I need HELP.. I go to bed thinking about SW and get up  and head to the computer.. What will I do ,with out a computer  all week??lol  Have fun  with next weeks challenge.Cant wait to see pictures when I get home.. Happy Sewing.. Will miss you a ll.
I brought my little elna with me when I emigrated from NZ to Australia back in '92.  I left not knowing when I would be back - it had to come with me!


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