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  What happens when you find yourself in that  "lost mode of sewing?   Where do you find  that ability to return it?  Do you find yourself missing that buddy/friend that kinda comes up missing on SW?


 I find that when I get into one of those modes, I  just need a break from  sewing. Usually time off ,will replenish the "want to" again. I can  go to my sewing room to clean or look through my sewing stash, and once again the  mind starts flowing with things I can make or do..And soon, I am back at it again..


   But ..when this fails  to work.... There's nothing like that buddy/friend , who sends you that message  and helps you to return. When things seem drab ,sometimes , that wonderful  friend can help you pop right out of  that "no sewing mojo".


  When I miss a familiar face on SW , for a little while.. At first, I think they are just really busy..or they need  some time off..but the mama in me....soon starts to worry about them.. And I just  have to check on  them..just to be sure EVERYTHING is ok!!!!

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I have lost my mojo for sewing right now. I don't know if it is the heat or what. I would love to hear from others  too on how to get it back as I have gobs of stuff to sew up for school (which starts in 2 weeks) and no "want" to sew.  I read all my sewing blogs and look at all the great things they are working up and still nothing makes me want to go into that room and sew. Maybe I will just live through all of you here on SW for a bit and read and look to see what you have sewn....

Hope the sewing mojo returns soon. I am sure this hot summer not making it any easier..


I've lost mine a couple of times... just for a couple of weeks or so.  But when you're trying to make it into the sewing room everyday, when suddenly you can't... that two weeks feels like a long time.  A few things encourage me to get back in:


1. Going through my stash.  Like you said, going in and just looking through what I had set aside, helps.  When even that seems boring, I turn to the blogs/boards...

2. Reading my favorite blogs and these sewing boards! Seeing what everyone has been creating can definitely get me back into the mood to create. Or finding a sewing challenge (i.e. the weekly challenges, a Make This Look, or a sew along) to participate in.

3. Knowing that my blog is sitting abandoned when I do take a hiatus.  I like to try and get an update in at least once a week, and when I don't, I really start to feel like I'm 'forgoing my duty' as a good blogger.  It's silly, but some of my favorite blogs are those where they give you an update, even just once a week, about what they've been creating.


Good luck in getting your sewing mojo back! Sometimes we do have to take care of everything else in life before we can focus on the other things, but I find that the excitement I get from sewing has pulled me back every time. :)

 I am so guilty of  letting my blog sit unused at times..  I people who keep theirs up to date. I love the everyday  life of them.. Cathe has a beautiful one.. she is such a good photographer..and I so enjoy her pictures.. Eva from the Oppulent Poppy really does a great job with keeping hers up todate. I really enjoy hers.. She shares her everyday life.I love it. Really encourages me.


I tend to find that if I lose my mojo to sew one kind of thing, I can find it in another. I was feeling a bit "quilted out" in the spring, so I set aside the quilt I was working on and have focused on skirts and dresses this summer. At the moment I have tons of fall garment fabric, but since finishing a 2-week dress project (I don't get that much time to work on things) I am considering that my next few sewing projects will be small scrap-busters like some sprocket pillows, zip pouches and potholders. Things I can finish several of in a short space of time that make good gifts come xmas! Also, I need to finish that quilt I set aside so it's done in time for fall!


Certainly if you are experiencing summer heat - that's going to make working with yards of fabric no fun! Here in the Pacific Northwest we're having a cool wet summer, which has meant lots more sewing for me than I normally do in July and August.


Taking a break from the machine also does wonders when you really aren't feeling it. This is a hobby right? So it should bring enjoyment, not drudgery :)

Megan, I so agree  with you.Well put. sewing is a fun hobby and if we make it drudgery..we will loose our wonderful hobby..

  We have had a really hot/humid summer [in the low 100 degrees].. so it takes a toll on sewing. so agree.

I like to look at fancy fashion magazines and to get my interest revved up.  Just coming here to look at other people filled with creativity is great too. Sometimes I just reorganize the space and it makes me remember a stash or a pattern I was very interested in.
Yes Anne, the fashion and sewing magazines really helps get me  motivated, as does sewing blogs..

Hi Judy,


Sometimes I think I could just walk away from sewing and never look back but the lure of the mental challenge always gets me to come back.


For me I have to admit that I can not produce a garment weekly. I think if I did I would find it drudgery (to Megan's point). And after working a full day I don't have the discipline either…oops! So I have other passions I fall back on that feed the creative soul. I guess I don't put my feet to the fire in regards to sewing. Does that make any sense at all? I definitely misplace my mojo from time to time but it seems to creep back into me at some point. So when it's not there, or I just don't feel the love for sewing I switch to something else, like embroidery.


Really a great topic! Thanks for that!


 so well put..I think that is exactly, how I feel.. Just need to have fun with it... and sew when we want to..and when we want to do other things..thats ok too..

I'm also in a sewing funk ... guess I feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of learning more fitting alterations.  Inspired by some $1 clearance sale cross stitch kits, I've re-taken up hand embroidery after more than 20 years!  :)  The counted stuff I am happy to say I can still do (and learned a new-to-me style already) although I need to practice the surface/freestyle stuff.  I had a sewing slump last summer also, so it may be a function of heat-humidity-having my son off school seasonal thing.


The mojo will come back, then it will "off to the races" again.

I am currently in a sewing funk. I started a load of projects and now I'm stuck. I'd love to do my bombshell dress but the work involved has me running away to my computer instead. I am also in the process of losing weight and I don't want to make it and put the work into something that will be too big (Hopefully)


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