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Hi - I'm Hattie, a newbie to sewing and blogging.


I can oogle over all the amazing projects out there for [literally] hours but then I must admit I get a bit depressed that I am no where near ready to make any of them yet! 

I've made pincusions, a sewing machine cover, curtains, sewn greeting cards and an apron. Can you think back to what other simple (yet challenging) and satisfying beginner projects you started out doing? I'd love to hear from you and take on some new projects! Any tips for beginners, techniques or free patterns would also be awesome!

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thamks Judy your such a sweetie!

Hi Hattie, I know exactly where you are at. We have all been there at some point. Give me a quilt of cushion and I have no problems, even kids cloths. But add a bust and hips and I struggle to get the fit right., then I through it in and have another UFO to add to the pile.  It was suggested to me to start with skirts and I feel I have mastered the skirt, and am ready for the next challenge. I think it all comes down to practice and making the same thing numerous times until you get it right. So find a skirt pattern you love and sew sew sew. Good luck and enjoy the journey, I am.

Love Meagan

Thanks Meagan - you're so right! And it feels soo good to see that other people have been here in my shoes and really encourages me to get sewing on a skirt and see what happens! I will definitely be enjoying this journey - and I'll be here to ask questions when I get stuck! So ladies,...dont go too far away! :)

I think a skirt is a great idea, A-line or wrap. I found this pattern at my local fabric store and it looks to be very straight forward.

Thank you! A simple skirt seems to be the consensus, I think I'm going to go for it! I really appreciate all the words of encouragement everyone! I'm excited!

There is a great Simplicity pattern 2374, I made for a cardigan which only needs 3 pieces! I would totally recommend that!

Heres my version if your interested!

My Cardigan

Stevie x


I will check it out! THANK YOU!
I started off sewing clothes for my kids and the first blouse I sewed myself was from this Made by Rae tute. It's pretty easy to follow and there're no buttons or zippers.
What a cute ruffle top! And it wasn't too hard?! I can't WAIT  to try that! ...just bought some fabric for my skirt which I intended to start this week but haven't had time yet!
I have sewn for the munchkins in my life. The first thing I made was a top just before Easter this year, than I made a wrap skirt from a free pattern on Burda but instead of the final button being the closure, I made a tie off. it was really easy. My next supposed to be easy project for me is Retro Pattern B4790 by Butterick. Three pieces a few snaps maybe a button or two, then those darts...I can't wait to see what you make!


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