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Want to spend more money on Colette patterns? Check this out, I'm in pattern lust....

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and all 3 new patterns are for beginners!


woo hoo!


I LOVE the dress, the pants are great but my legs are too fat, the blouse is lovely too... 3 fabulous patterns, just as I had sworn off pattern buying until I finish some I alreay have...


I have already pre-ordered Sarai's book ... can I justify more spending?????? Well it is my birthday soon ;0)

Ooooh they are very pretty! I actually feel a little overwhelmed…so typical of me, three to choose from!


I think you can justify any of these for certain with a birthday around the corner. I mean you have a new sewing machine, now you need a pattern and some fabric and yes the book to guide you!

Yes Charolette... your birthday is on its way.. You need, deserve, gotta have  [what other adjectives ,can I throw in there?] these patterns and the book...

 Now what about us............what excuse ..can we use... ooops.. But.. I sure do love them new patterns.. Let us know what you end up with...

Thanks Cathe and Judy, actually my Aunty Peg always gives me money for my birthday (very kindly), I may have already mentally spent it, oops!


Incidentally, I am picking up the overlocker my hubby is buying me for that "certain birthday" this afternoon, tee hee

Wow you scored again, now this is an exceptional birthday!
Oh Boy... so proud for you!!!!  have fun going to get it..Happy upcoming Birthday..
I want them all! Especially the pants as I haven't made a pair yet. I'm excited that her new book will also have some patterns. Colette overload! (But in a good way ;) )
I haven't made pants yet either, these are gorgeous aren't they?
I think I'll be first off the starting blocks with Jasmine ...

I'm with you Diane, Jasmine is the only one which is not similar to anything I already own. I like the cigarette pants but my tummy is way to big at the moment. Plus I have a re-print vintage pattern that is like identical. 

Peony is pretty and they are my favorite flowers but its not anything groundbreaking. I was hoping for something a little more exiting. I think I'll buy a Parfait dress instead.


*Charlotte*: Did you pre order from the american website? They are cheaper but i'm not sure on how much postage is on top. 

Hey Stevie, I have pre-ordered the Colette book from, it is £14.99 with free delivery and released on 25th Nov....

If you look at the Rhinestones and Telephones blog it is being reviewed chapter by chapter there....


Last time Colette brought out (Violette and Ginger) patterns I ordered it from the American Colette website and paid international shipping, they arrived soon after. However I noticed that picked them up very quickly and had them for sale, it might be worth waiting a bit and seeing if they have them.


Actually Parfait was going to be my next buy, it is on my amazon wishlist, if no-one gets it for my birthday I may treat myself.


I amtempted by Peony and Jasmine, I LOVE Clover but I am just too fat to wear cigarette pants!


By the way Stevie I tried to comment on your blog but I am still having "issues" with that, I am currently doing my mood board for "Fall" ;0)

What troubles are you having chica?


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