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We had this in our garage, I was given it years ago and it worked (more or less!) but I've just worked out that was in 1985. It has seized up, my hubby is trying to get it going as I type.



What's your oldest sewing equipment item? Is it worth going vintage or is up date the way to go? Does your sewing machine have all the whistles and bells?


I also have a modern machine of course but it is giving me a bit of trouble (or I am not very good at using it!). My friend's Mum, a wonderful seamstress, refuses to use a modern machine at all!


Are you happy with your modern machine?

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I bought this about 5 years ago for £5, although I don't actually use it. I am planning to put it as my sewing table for my new work station as the machine actually folds down. I do love it.
What a good buy - does it work? It's very handsome.
Oh Charolette, that is just "too wonderful'.. I am really jealous of that. I have never seen a cabinet like that before.. Love all the little drawers.. Happy Sewing on youy "new work table". Judy
That's amazing!

This is my Singer 338 which I got off eBay for $60AUD. The single owner had bought it in 1965 (it's a '64 model) and hadn't used it much in the last few years.


Originally I got it for the colour and because it was cheap enough to use as a 'beginner' machine but it's become much more than that! It's not one of the top of the line models but it's one of the last ones made with all metal parts. It runs nicely (once I got the hang of the FAST or STOP foot control) and is quite powerful.


It's so pretty and I just love it! I'm not even sure I want to upgrade to a new machine - since this one has a separate buttonhole attachment that does lovely buttonholes, I really have no use for anything newer.

Love the colour.. it reminds me of my mum's - hers is green. It was given to her way back when by an elderly woman who found the idea of an electric sewing machine far to scary..  and so kept using her treddle! lol. I'm not sure if it's as old as yours but it has sadly been retired of late as the service people have told her it's getting very difficult to find parts for it.
I have a 1936 Necchi and a 2002 Bernina. The Necchi is great for super thick and bulky fabric but it's finicky where as Bernina cruises and has clean stitches and no tension issues.

I love the look of Necchi but love the practicality of Bernina. So yes I LOVE my modern machine and I don't think I will ever need to upgrade. I think it all comes down to practicality and preference, whatever works best for you is the right choice - new, used, vintage, all good!

 What fabulous machines.

I also have a Featherlight which works very well . The only problem is that it spits black gunge out the side. Did  I put too much oil in it?

Is the Empress working?


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