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Hi.  Can someone in the know please put up for challenges for the next few weeks.  I have been invited to be a contributer, but when I go to the registration page there is a message about user registration not being allowed at the moment.





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July 2: Color Challenge Red White And/Or Blue: Use them all or just one TAG: RedWhiteBlue
July 9: Embellishments: Embroidery, beading, etc… TAG: Embellish
July 16: The Great Outdoors. Something inspired by nature Tag:Outdoors
July 23: Reality Check: Something missing from your wardrobe. Tag: Reality
July 30: The Olympics. Something athletic, sport related or Olympic related. TAG: Olympics
August 6: Color Challenge: Yellow. TAG: Yellow
August 13: Music Inspired: Inspired by an album cover or performer. TAG: MUSIC



Oooh the embellishments one sounds like great fun! Silly as it sounds I've been dying for something with feathers on it. Perhaps removeable so I can wash the garment!


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