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With less than a month to go until the first ever UK sewweekly meet..... time to clarify arrangements (if I can! please please correct any mistakes). Sorry if  I miss you out of anything, it's not intentional ;0S


Saturday 14th May - all welcome, we would be thrilled to see you.


The day will officially start at the V and A museum in London at 11:30am. We will meet in the foyer there.


Some people may wish to meet earlier and travel together. For example, Charlotte P-B, her Mum, Magpie Mim, Lauren and Rachel are all arriving at Paddington after 10 I think. Diane from margueruitedesigns and myself are meeting at King's Cross about 11 and will meet there to take the tube together. Please contact any of us if you want to travel across London with us!


We will recognise each other - I hope - because we will be wearing outfits in the London meet colours of red, white and blue that we have chosen as our theme, Mena is kindly letting us nominate this theme for the following week's sewweekly challenge. Debi from the main sewweekly site (and the sewing circle too!) is coming to the meet (all the way from Edinburgh - special points for that) and will take photos. We are hoping to take photos in the courtyard at the V and A.


At the V and A we will visit the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition that is on at the moment. Entry is £7, more on that later. We will have lunch in the cafe and have a pattern and fabric swap.


After the V and A, a little retail therapy a short tube ride away, sewweekly style, so fabric shops at Goldhawk Road! (Kindly suggested by Rachel)


We will aim to be there about 3ish, hoping to meet up with Karen Ball from did you make that? who has arranged a bit of a meet there on her blog.


We are hoping to hit the fabric shops hard and negotiate discounts in a The Apprentice kind of way.


The day will end late pm (my train is at 6 back at King's Cross, other people have similar plans).


OK, please excuse me being bossy and taking charge, but I think we need to sort some practical stuff....


If you are definitely coming please could you message me to confirm? Could you please send me your mobile number? I will make a list of all participants and numbers and send it to everyone on the list.


I think we need a list because then we will know if everyone is there or we need to wait for people who may be held up etc.


Next: fabric and pattern swap, if you would like to take part just bring something (of good quality that someone else would like! Of course!) to put in, I suggest we do this by putting everything in, having a good look, then we put our names in a hat and draw them out, when your name comes out you get a pick from the pile. Once everyone has had a pick we can put all the names back and do it again until everything is re-homed ;0)


Finally, there is a 10% discount for groups at the V and A exhibition I notice.  A group is more than 10. If we qualify shall I check that out?


Phew - bossy moment over. Can you tell I'm a teacher? Cx

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oh Charolette, I am so sorry.. Praying it turns around and gets better.. Those ole patterns can be so frustrating..Hang in there...  and if it gets to rough.. Just make your red/wt /blue fabric in the  Colette  dress, that you did..It was beautiful and looked great  on you.You have already made it and it  will be a  ready ,set, go dress. Don't stress ,ok..

I bought and pre-shrunk my material yesterday - had hoped to start cutting out my dress today but it didn't happen... we've still got 3 days of the weekend left though! Although  I'm not making the Horrockses dress I will be making a 1950s inspired tea dress, complete with net petticoat and shrug ... provided everything goes to plan, I may be being slightly over ambitious given I have yet to complete a dress!

sounds great ! cannot wait to see it


You can never be too ambitious :)  I can't wait to see it!  I haven't yet bought my fabric...EEEP (am using the fabric I originally posted as a 'peek-a-boo' lining!

Hey Guys,

I've just been liasing with Karen Ball about our post V&A meet-up at Goldhawk Road. She visited Goldhawk Road this last week and said there are about 10-12 fabric shops all in a half mile stretch of road right next to Goldhawk tube station.  We are planning to meet up there between 2.30-3-ish. 


We'll give Karen a call when we are on our way and then I think it's best to divide and conquer the fabric stores :)  Karen suggested a local bar on the same road called Vesbar. It's huge, is quiet and has loads of big tables for us to gather around.  We're thinking this could be a venue for all of us finally coming together to chat and compare purchases. (The bar also does food for anyone peckish.)  At that point, I just might need a drink from all the excitement :-)  heheheheeh


I am SO excited!!!! 

This sounds really great! I had better start saving up some money I think!

Its going to be great!

BTW I need everyones suggestions as I wasn't totally happy with my red white and blue lisette dress. I am going to make something different?

I am SO envious - I wish I was able to come.  You guys are going to have so much fun - happy shopping!!

Hi everyone!!!!  If you want to get SERIOUSLY excited (as if you aren't already) about our meet-up on the 14th....check out Karen's post on the Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango (complete with pictures of fabrics!!!!) 


SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  I can barely contain myself :)  10 days...ack!!!!  Best get crackin' on my dress....

 I just looked at the fabric photos...Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am speecless... I am just SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you girls..Have fun ... and  as Debi just said....I will barely be able to contain myself...until I hear all about the fabrics and notions you all come home with.. HAVE   FUN----UK Meet Girls...
Have just seen the fabric photos ... oh no, I'm going to be in BIG trouble when I get there ...

YAY! so excited, although I live in London I have never been to Goldhawk Road (I normally head for Berwick St in Soho when I feel like a fabric outing, otherwise I have two fabric shops in Lewisham) - think I may have to take out an allowance and then leave my cards at home :P


I've nearly finshed my dress... but am not completely happy, didn't really think things through - although my bodice front and back line up properly when sewn together - when I wear it it is much longer at the back than in front (now there's a surprise (!) I really should have realised that was going to happen!) anyway I merrily attache d the skirt and now the waist band is distinctly not level and the skirt is longer at the back than the front.


As far as I can see I have two options - unpick (can you hear me crying?) or say, 'gosh darn it I'll know better next time.' and hide the wiast band with a a belt, and level the sk irt at the hem. (no prizes for guessing which way I'm inclined to go - is that dreadful of me?)

 Also, the bodice is sagging in ways it didn't with the muslin, I presume becuase this is a much lighter fabric? hey ho, it's my first dress and a learning curve. If I was starting again I can definitely see things I'd do differently (like interface where the zip went, and add two smaller darts on the neckline)


 All the problems still hasn't stopped me twirling round our flat in it demading that my husband 'look what I sewed'!


Can't wait to meet people on the 14th!

awww I would go with the hide! I made one Red White and Blue dress and wore it for the Royal Wedding but It is just not what I wanted for this meetup! Its rushed and not so good. So I have bought a Red, White and Blue print and I intend to make a top and a skirt that can look like a dress when together but are separates! 

I'm getting so exited. Its literally getting me through my horrible week of Uni work! 


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