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With less than a month to go until the first ever UK sewweekly meet..... time to clarify arrangements (if I can! please please correct any mistakes). Sorry if  I miss you out of anything, it's not intentional ;0S


Saturday 14th May - all welcome, we would be thrilled to see you.


The day will officially start at the V and A museum in London at 11:30am. We will meet in the foyer there.


Some people may wish to meet earlier and travel together. For example, Charlotte P-B, her Mum, Magpie Mim, Lauren and Rachel are all arriving at Paddington after 10 I think. Diane from margueruitedesigns and myself are meeting at King's Cross about 11 and will meet there to take the tube together. Please contact any of us if you want to travel across London with us!


We will recognise each other - I hope - because we will be wearing outfits in the London meet colours of red, white and blue that we have chosen as our theme, Mena is kindly letting us nominate this theme for the following week's sewweekly challenge. Debi from the main sewweekly site (and the sewing circle too!) is coming to the meet (all the way from Edinburgh - special points for that) and will take photos. We are hoping to take photos in the courtyard at the V and A.


At the V and A we will visit the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition that is on at the moment. Entry is £7, more on that later. We will have lunch in the cafe and have a pattern and fabric swap.


After the V and A, a little retail therapy a short tube ride away, sewweekly style, so fabric shops at Goldhawk Road! (Kindly suggested by Rachel)


We will aim to be there about 3ish, hoping to meet up with Karen Ball from did you make that? who has arranged a bit of a meet there on her blog.


We are hoping to hit the fabric shops hard and negotiate discounts in a The Apprentice kind of way.


The day will end late pm (my train is at 6 back at King's Cross, other people have similar plans).


OK, please excuse me being bossy and taking charge, but I think we need to sort some practical stuff....


If you are definitely coming please could you message me to confirm? Could you please send me your mobile number? I will make a list of all participants and numbers and send it to everyone on the list.


I think we need a list because then we will know if everyone is there or we need to wait for people who may be held up etc.


Next: fabric and pattern swap, if you would like to take part just bring something (of good quality that someone else would like! Of course!) to put in, I suggest we do this by putting everything in, having a good look, then we put our names in a hat and draw them out, when your name comes out you get a pick from the pile. Once everyone has had a pick we can put all the names back and do it again until everything is re-homed ;0)


Finally, there is a 10% discount for groups at the V and A exhibition I notice.  A group is more than 10. If we qualify shall I check that out?


Phew - bossy moment over. Can you tell I'm a teacher? Cx

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Just sent my number. I cannot wait ...
Oh I wish I could have gone! We've actually been talking about visiting Europe and I thought about how a quick stop in London could be arranged. But it isn't meant to be! I hope you guys have fun!

Thanks to Rachel, Mimi and Lauren who have already replied with their numbers! I will send the list in a few days when I think most of us have answered (although Diane is on hols soon, so her number might come later!)


Mena - thanks for your good wishes, we would have loved you to join us, it is thanks to you that we all "met" in the first place so we owe you xx


 I would be much more excited if I had even started the dress I will wear ;0)

Hi - I'll get my number to you in the next couple of days (for the record, haven't started my dress either!)

thank you! have fun on your hols x


PS not sure if I will do the Horrockses - the grading might be a step too far! I have a 50s sheath dress pattern in the correct size calling me. Are you still Horrocksing?

Up to now, yes.  I haven't got a 50's style dress in my wardrobe...yet...

Thanks to Marie and Stevie who have also replied...


Stevie is travelling via Waterloo - if anyone else is going that way and would like someone to hook up with please just message her!

Hi Charolette... sounds like its going good ... Hope ya'll have lots of fun... Really anxious to see what all of your dresses end up looking like?   Know they will all look great.. Have fun..
Yes... you sound like a high school teacher... I can just hear my daughter's voice doing this..Ha. But it always helps to have a teacher in the  bunch... She ALWAYS...keeps us going in the right direction. You girls have fun...
Just sent you my number! x

Have you guys started your Outfits? Its in my queue but I'm wondering if I should bump it up! Mine isn't even cut yet and I have no contrast fabric AHHHHH


Nope... I've not even chosen any fabric yet so you're well ahead of me by having a main and no contrast :)  I think I've chosen a pattern but that can all change depending on the fabric I find.


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