The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

Our meet last Saturday was so much fun..... let's do it again! Are you in?


We need to discuss:


WHEN - Debi has kindly agreed to do another of those clever date voting things she did last time (thanks Debi!) to find the best time, we think sometime in Oct/Nov


WHERE - London again or somewhere else? Another city? Are there any good exhibitions on?


THEME - Mena was kind enough to let us select the theme this week, and it made the day really special to meet up with our outfits and stories of sewing late into the night to finish on time ;0)

Debi is going to ask if we can either know the theme in advance again or select it like we did this time..... any suggestions?


WHAT do you want to do? Another pattern swap? Exhibition? Shopping?


WHO - that's easy, we are all invited xxxxx 

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Small world eh?  Really like the fairs even if they can be a bit cramped.  Where were you thinking in the West Country?
Can I be "in" in spirit?

Oh yes! Thanks Cathe


One day we will have to have an international meet ;0)

I thought it was so great that you all got together and traveled in public transportation! That is something I envey, here in the states everyone gets in their cars and drives and it is so wasteful.

I'm so glad you are excited to meet again, it really was an awesome visit even watching from the other side of the pond. And everyone was so great at posting thoughts and pictures. I could really feel the excitement of the day and all the surprises of seeing friends faces in person for the first time and of course sharing their lovely outfits and love of sewing!

Someday...more of us will join up in person!
We are definitely there in spirit..arent we Cathe... Wouldnt it be grand if EVERY one of us could meet one I dream big??? hahaha
Have we got to a decision on Places and When??
I would be interested in joining this time.  Don't mind where it is but would just like to meet more like minded people.
Diane is suggesting we look at the gatsby weekend for our next meet - 11th Sept, any thoughts?
I've put it in my calendar and that seems good for me.
I cannot say yes to this date yet as we are planning to travel in sept, but as soon as I can i will confirm or not my place. I really want to go.
So have we all decided on the 'where' yet now we have the 'when' and the theme?  Sorry I've been out of this thread for a little while and can see that it's on another discussion and not sure if I've missed where it's going to be so I can plan my journey and save my pennies!
I would love to visit wales as I never been . I would need some serious tips, on where to stay and etc.. as would be a waste not to visit the place too !


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