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Our meet last Saturday was so much fun..... let's do it again! Are you in?


We need to discuss:


WHEN - Debi has kindly agreed to do another of those clever date voting things she did last time (thanks Debi!) to find the best time, we think sometime in Oct/Nov


WHERE - London again or somewhere else? Another city? Are there any good exhibitions on?


THEME - Mena was kind enough to let us select the theme this week, and it made the day really special to meet up with our outfits and stories of sewing late into the night to finish on time ;0)

Debi is going to ask if we can either know the theme in advance again or select it like we did this time..... any suggestions?


WHAT do you want to do? Another pattern swap? Exhibition? Shopping?


WHO - that's easy, we are all invited xxxxx 

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No-one seems to be coming forth yet about where, except Stevie favours London  ... hmm... where do things go from here?  So far, a picnic and a date ... not sure but I think Charlotte T was going to do a voting thing.

Are people wanting to join in the Gatsby picnic meet up idea? That would be 11th Sept. I can't make then but September is bad for me every weekend so I think you should go ahead if that is what everyone else wants to do.....



same for me...  In October  me and Dibs ( from Dibs and the Machine) are thinking to go to Paris.

The idea is get the Eurostar ( £69 return) +  1 night in the Formule 1 hotel ( sharing 3 (£39) or share 2 ( £37)  per room. The hotel is so basic but at least its clean (doesn’t include breakfast)

So the travel and accommodation is about £82 per person + food. We based this travelling on 15 October and coming back on the 16. (Sat/Sunday)

Sorry to have been out of the loop with the move and all....  Sept 11 is out for me as I think I am actually going to the Gatsby Picnic (my family lives out in Oregon State so very close to California!!)  Most of September is bad for me...but October could work well.  LOVE the Paris idea....we can throw Glasgow/Edinburgh in the mix as well.  I'd be up for anywhere really--with enough notice.

Charlotte--did you want me to send out a calendar link?  Are we thinking October and November dates now?  Thoughts?

I would love to join in on this meet up,   it would make a good deadline to make up some of my stash fabric ;).  Although Cardiff would be difficult for me as I am in East Yorkshire.  London & Manchester are good as far as the train routes go  (I would need to check out Birmingham)  and the earlier train tickets are booked the cheaper they are (??).  The only date that is a complete no-no for me this autumn is the last weekend of October.

Another place to consider is Leeds - I have been told that there are some interesting fabric places there & I believe a 'Duttons for Buttons', but I will have to check out my sources to confirm this info. and will get back to you.  

Sorry folks, if you're thinking on or around 11th September I won't be able to make it, too many family birthdays that weekend it's ridiculous!  If the date changes let me know.  Hope you all have a lovely time!
And I have just heard that a friend from the States is coming over around the 10th of September as well, for about 10 days. Do we have a latest decision yet?
Just heard that Friend from the States is not coming (phew), but everything has gone rather quite here, are there still plans for a meet up this autumn?  Could it be a retro bombshell dress (plus warm jacket/cape) themed occasion? or is this idea a bit too adventureous for some?  
Looks like my holidays are going to be in September too and we're moving buildings at work, so that's not good for me after all. October is probably best ...
Would love to join you. Any decision on where and when? October is good for me, and I'm happy with London / Cardiff / B'ham. The Paris trip sounds great. 
Did anything get decided in the end? Too late for this year, but I was thinking maybe next year a meet up at the Goodwood Revival might be an idea? It's mid September usually so it would fit in with the Gastby time frame near enough.


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