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Our meet last Saturday was so much fun..... let's do it again! Are you in?


We need to discuss:


WHEN - Debi has kindly agreed to do another of those clever date voting things she did last time (thanks Debi!) to find the best time, we think sometime in Oct/Nov


WHERE - London again or somewhere else? Another city? Are there any good exhibitions on?


THEME - Mena was kind enough to let us select the theme this week, and it made the day really special to meet up with our outfits and stories of sewing late into the night to finish on time ;0)

Debi is going to ask if we can either know the theme in advance again or select it like we did this time..... any suggestions?


WHAT do you want to do? Another pattern swap? Exhibition? Shopping?


WHO - that's easy, we are all invited xxxxx 

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ME, ME, ME!  As long as it's a city I can get to without too much trouble and where there are some decent fabric shops.  Wouldn't mind doing London and the Fashion and Textile Museum ... but that's just me ...

Ooooh Me tooo!! Oct/Nov is good (just not September, or more specifically the last 2 weeks in September)


How about mid country this time? Manchester or Birmingham? although I don't know much about any exhibitions/fabric shops for either.  But I'm not really fussy as long as whatever we do there is fabric shopping involved at some point along the way! :)



I can do Manchester easy.  I've been thinking I was a bit selfish in my reply before and a mid country meet would be fairer on all those who came from afar ... Mind you, I'm being a bit selfish again because I know that Abakhan fabrics is in Manchester!  But, there is also Platt Hall Gallery of English Costume as well... Alternatively, in Birmingham, there is a huge fabric shop on three floors (but I can't quite remember what street it's on...). 
I'm in. Ohhh so cool. The day was great and would do the same but next time we should book a table so we all sit together. London seen to be the easiest but I'm willing to travel somewhere . Also my seeing shop have a weekend plan see details one my post. Sorry cannot post the link using my phone .
I'm in!  How about a film theme like the TV theme the other week?  Will have a browse of the museums/exhibitions and see what's on, if we go to Birmingham we should see if there's anything on at the NEC.
Sorry to but in again (I really did enjoy Saturday ...) Manchester also has Afflecks Palace, The Fashion Market, The Craft and Design Centre and Northern Quarter independent shops - all located in the same area...

I'm totally in! Manchester is a bit of a bugger for me its nearly 6 hours on the train and £80 to get there though,


I was thinking about the FTM and then Berwick Street in London again but I know thats tough on other travellers.

Birmingham is good, but still a bloody long way,

Damn  being at the bottom of the country!

Anywhere in the west country is also good for me, as I can stay at my parents.


Like you even need to ask, I'm in. xxx

Thanks all for your support xxx


"Where" seems to be a big issue, so far there are suggestions of London, Manchester and Birmingham... any other suggestions?


I was thinking we could have a vote once I get a list together - I will do a surveymonkey  in a couple of days, I will leave it until then to give everyone time to see this.


Just wondering if we want to throw Cardiff and Edinburgh into the mix?



yay, sounds good

If you're thinking of Cardiff, on October 16th there will be a Blind Lemon Vintage Fashion Fair in the City Hall.  Been to the one in Swansea a few times and they're really good.  As for fabric shopping there's the market with a grand total of two stalls, a vintage shop that has some fabric and of course John Lewis, but really we'd have to hop on a bus to City Road to get the fabric shops and it will be disappointing in number compared to Goldhawk Road but they do have lovely lovely fabric!

With regards to blind lemon, I know the owner of the company Edwin, he would probably be up for giving us a discount but I know what u mean about the lack of fabric shops.

A vote is definitely a good plan! I can stay with family in the west country or in the midlands so im a little more flexible than I thought.


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