The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

I keep thinking of moments from yesterday, good times. So here are some of my highlights (as they occur to me in no particular order!):


Debi (my sewing hero) meeting me at King's Cross in her gorgeous outfit

Sofia's shoes

Hearing "how I started sewing" stories that were so interesting

Shopping with Diane

Winning THAT pattern in the swap

The Narnia dress at the exhibition

Realising the £95 Horrockses dresses in the V and A were not a patch on mine

Rachel's cool top

Steph's polka dots


Meeting Charlotte PB, she has been so supportive

Seeing all the outfits

Having our photograph taken by complete strangers at the V and A because we looked so cool

Lots of chats with so many lovely sewers


What about your highlights?

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I agree with Charlotte! It was quite emotional seeing everyone together and when I got home I couldn't stop talking all night about stuff that had happened during the day.

It was so refreshing to be able to talk about sewing and fabric without someone rolling their eyes or having to pretend to be interested!

This will have to be a regular thing! I had so much fun and I don't think that I could live without looking forward to another meetup ever again!!! 


She certainly did and she managed to take the funniest pigeon photo of the day!


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