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This is my list of items that I plan to finish next week and the order I will do them in.  Will work throught he list and do as much as possible.  First, haven't done the last 2 themes as finishing dress for Grand daughter.  Was fiddling with it today and had horrible thought that the neck opening might be too small to get her arms into.  I am taking it to work tomorrow to try on a real baby!  So first job will be to finish that.  2)  I have a vest that only needs the botton holes cutting and buttons putting on.  3)  Half-finished jeans for hubby.  I don't think they'll fit anymore, but he is trying to lose weight and it might be an incentive.  4)  Two half-sewn bras.

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How industrious!  Out of curiosity, are you using a pattern to sew the bras?

Thanks!  If I get to the bras I will be shocked, but ambition is good I guess.  One of the bras is a Kwik sew pattern and the other is drafted using Wild Ginger software.  If the bodice for Penny's dress won't fit over head and arms of try-on baby, might have to start the whole bodice over.  Quicker than all that unpicking.

Dress didn't even go over willing victim's head.  Will be taking the sleeves and collar off and reattaching to a larger bodice.  Also changing to buttons all the way down the back, but not this week.  P***ed off with the whole idea at the moment.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with a list for this week!! I have on my list to:

-fix the hem on last weeks dress,

-finish my dress coat that I wore at Christmas (button holes and buttons, tack lining down, belt loops),

-finish the dress I wore for Christmas (hand sew hems) (Christmas was very unfinished this past year- but both need to be done by next weekend for my nephew's baptism),

-a blazer (tack the lining down and hand sew the hems)

- re-do a whole dress that is nearly done but is basically fitting like a moo-moo (I only had the hem left).   

I have a lot of hand sewing in my future and I HATE hand sewing with a passion. I do not have very high hopes of finishing my list, but more realistically getting at least a few things done. I've already made some progress on a few of the items. You are smart and have an order you're going in... I'm just working on one till I get bored and then picking another one. 

Good luck to you!!

I have finished the vest, will up load photos on the week end.  Just opened the box with hubby's jeans in and there was a big note, highlighted, saying 'pins in pockets' phew!

Tried to transfer photos from my phone twice, but it won't get them all.  Will have to ask DH when he comes home.


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