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How ironic that I'm asking for inspiration about an inspiration-based theme.  Well, lemme begin with that I don't own a TV and I've acquired some kind of sewing block.  I thought about using past shows from when I did own a TV, but alas, I'm stuck.

I just moved, but finally have my sewing room/studio in place and ready for a new project.  I just have no idea where to begin or what to do.  What are you all doing for this upcoming week's theme?

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I know what you mean!  I never watch TV, so don't even know what shows are on these days.....  So I took inspiration from one I used to watch years ago - good ol' Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Haha!  The TV section of your local DVD store might give you some good inspiration, perhaps?

Good call.  I'm thinking classic TV might end up being my inspiration if I can get it together before the week ends!!

How about Hawaii FiveO, Happy Days or Charlie's Angels or maybe Green Acres.

I was thinking along those very same lines. :D  Thanks, Krista!


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