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Hi all,


I've noticed that many of us utilize really amazing techniques such as Judy's braided ric rac. I thought it might be nice to have a place to share techniques.


I can't say I posses any special talents besides sewing barefoot which many of us do but I'm hoping you will share your knowledge.


So first off I will ask; Judy can you share your technique for braiding ric rac please?

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Replies to This Discussion are not putting me on the spot..I dont mind sharing the  'twisted ric rack' method I used.I would love to say..I thought up this cute idea myself..but ...I didn't..  I have a book by Kari Mecca.It is Sewing with Whimsy. It is  a wonderful book. It teaches all kinds of  ways to use trimming..[Mostly for childrens clothes..but hey...arent there children in all of us?]

   The  ric rack braiding / very simple. note: the book suggest using the same size ric rack..but I wanted to use the 2 I received in my traveling lace package, so, I made the 2 different sizes work..and really liked the outcome.]

  1- Choose ric rack the same widths

  2- pin the two together at one end, tack to a  cork board or something to hold it for you..or do as I did, and get hubby to hold it.

  3- start intertwining one into the other.. at each point and continue to the next point.[it is easier to see what you are doing .if you use 2 different colors]

  note; I used the 2 different therefore, I could not go into every point..I took my small ric rack and went in every 3 rd  point.. You will be able to tell where it needs to go..because it will lay flat.

4- If you are doing a long row.. pin every foot or so, to prevent it from coming loose.

 5- Once it is plaited. iron flat, Sew on as you would single ric rack.


hi judy, thanks for sharing ! ;o)
Amazing, I just need to decide where to use that technique now, that may take a while...
 Note... I also tried a tiny ribbon with one  ric rack and this was a really cute trim too.. I had to do about every 3rd point on it too.. I think the possiablities would be endless.

Oh I love both of these ideas. Does ironing it help hold the two together as they are flattened?


Thanks for sharing!

You are all welcome...

 Cathe.. Yes. it really is pretty flat ,any way..But the book said to iron it down,so I did.And it makes it  really lay flat.. I havent made anything with the ribbon one.Just wanted to see ,what it look like?

I did a lapped zipper tutorial ages ago:

Not super high quality or anything, but I find it helpful.

I got a great idea thanks to you Cathe, why we dont  do a little Tutorial game on our blogs. I am writing the rules now and going to post on my blog by tomorrow. Will be so much fun !


I will be posting this at my blog in about 3 hours ! 3 PM UK Time

The rules:

1st come 1st serve. 1st person to respond to this post will get the tutorial.

After that “the respondent” should copy and paste this post and be working on a tutorial for someone else.


You have no say on what the other person might do so it’s completely up to your fellow blogger.  Be brave! ! It can be explanations, with or without photos, or a video…everything allowed.


Can be something simple or something very technical... It doesn’t matter. It’s all about fun and sharing.

Your name and your blog will be feature as special contributions on that person site with an added a link.


House of Pinheiro would love to keep track of where we are spreading the word, so if you participated, please send me an email with your blog and your fellow blogger at and I will reference all your tutorials and blogs at this post. Also it will give the opportunity to a fellow blogger that missed a change, check your blog to get a tutorial for free.


Once you have done it for someone, you shouldn’t do it again, it’s about spreading the world around. The timeline it’s once agreed your tutorial should be sent in max of 2 week.


Post this button spreading the world you done it.



Happy Sewing!


see you tomorrow ! xx

The button code:

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